When did you discover the Disney blogging community? We’re not too big, so it’s quite hard to spot us. Most likely, you found Disney vlogs first. How long ago was that: six months, five years? Recently, we saw the return of #disneybloggerschat on Twitter, and I didn’t realised how much we needed it, as a small Disney community of writers, photographers and videographers. I can already feel the old feelings of friendship and openness coming back, which makes me so happy.

One of the questions in Thursday’s #disneybloggerschat made me think about how I stumbled onto this niche community. It wasn’t quite simple enough to sum up in a tweet, so here we are. I’d love to hear your story as well, as it wasn’t particularly straight forwards for any of us. All that matters, after all, is that we found it.

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I’ve seen the words introvert and extrovert being banded around a lot lately. There’s a cartoon portrayal of both of these words; introverts don’t leave their homes and curl up in bed alone with a new Netflix series every night. Extroverts, on the other hand, will always be in the pub, cracking jokes and being the life of the party. In reality, it’s not much like that. I am a complete introvert, but I don’t have every trait that the more shy people are meant to help.

This is what I’m really like.

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As you may know, as I haven’t shut up about it for months, I went to Walt Disney World in late October 2016 for two weeks. As I only tend to go every couple of years, I love to take my pick of the best merchandise that they have to offer and splash some hard-earned cash.

This year, I was really tempted by the home wear and disappointed by the plush selection. I ended up with a fair bit of both, though! My most expensive purchase was a Walt Disney World jumper. I picked it up as we were heading out of Magic Kingdom for the last time to head to the airport, and I don’t regret it in the slightest so far. My two favourite buys are also clothes – an Edna Mode t-shirt with a fab quote on, and a huge oversized Cinderella nighty.

If you’re going to Disney World soon, I hope this gives you some inspiration. If you have any questions about prices or the type of merch that we saw, let me know in the comments.

For Disney fans, I have lots of other content planned including vlogs from everyday, highlights posts and more.

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I write this from a very hot apartment without any wifi. Yes, it has been a tough week. A heatwave in a west-facing apartment is never particularly fun. I can’t complain too much though, because I’m fully moved into that new home that I couldn’t stop banging on about. Yes, the horrible house share is behind me and I have a beautiful, clean apartment with my best friend instead. With brand new solid wood flooring and fresh paint that has a tiny tint of pink, I know this is going to be a happy home.

The joys of moving bring downsides as well. My bank account seems to have a hole in the bottom because money is constantly draining out onto things like ‘advance payment on the electricity bill’ and ‘council tax’. Plus there was that £100 that I accidentally spent on new furniture in IKEA. It was all great value – I promise! Read on to find out what else I’ve been up to this week.

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Day three already! This one was not the greatest for me, as I found myself on the brink of sunstroke after being in the oppressive afternoon sun. Queuing and exploring in the baking 35 degree sun got the better of me, but thankfully I managed to gulp down a few bottles of water, eat an emergency hot dog and stayed out of the sun for the rest of the day, and I escaped being seriously ill. It was a slightly concerning few hours, though.

We did a lot when the sun wasn’t quite so intense, including going into the incredibly iconic colosseum. We managed to get in for free, and I’ll explain how you can as well. I also have tips for visiting the Roman Forum, and can recommend a beautiful free sunset spot with a great atmosphere.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy vlog number three in Rome, and read on for my recommendations.

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