Before I headed off to live in University halls, I had a master plan. I foolproof way to get people to like me. Or so I thought. It involved getting rid of the family as soon as possible and offering people unwanted cups of tea. This quintessential British drink is the key to anyone’s heart, right?

Maybe not.

My plan was out of the window as soon as I arrived. Instead of being super cool and popping in to help people unpack, I was surrounded my parents (both my own and those of my new flatmates). Then while putting my new crockery away in the kitchen, I had the perfect chance to talk to another fresher, and yet it turned into a discussion between her and my mum. Not exactly to plan…

But, four years later, I’m about to move into a flat in London with that same girl that I was too shy to chat to. We’ve been best friends since first year, despite my shaky start.

It just goes to show that your first day probably won’t happen as you expect it to, but there’s a good chance that everything will work out okay.

If you’re off to University this year, or if you want to reminisce about your first week, read on to find my top tips.

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