Whenever I go on holiday, I tend to keep every ticket, scrap of paper, and memento that I can find. Rather than taking pride of place back home, they tend to stay in a pile in a drawer somewhere, to be pulled out every few months and looked through.

I decided that this wasn’t good enough, especially when I had so many maps, stickers, and memories saved from my trip to Florida in October 2016. The mass of paper was being ignored and was taking up a lot of room in my drawer. I decided to fix two problems in one and made the most of these mementos by displaying them permanently in my room.

Here’s how I did it.

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When people think of Disney World, they usually think of going on rollercoasters like Space Mountain or meeting Minnie Mouse in front of the Cinderella Castle. While these are highlights of any trip, that might not be what you find yourself missing when you get home.

There’s not doubt that ‘post Disney-depression’ can make you feel a little down when you return back home after a perfect holiday. Here are some of the little things that you miss from time playing in the parks and soaking up the magic.

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