People who live in Mayfair live in a different world. The buildings are beautiful, the apartments extortionately expensive, and the Christmas decorations are tasteful.

While I was wandering around, I noticed that all of the wreaths adorning the quintessentially English front doors were quite stunning. If you can afford property in Mayfair, you can definitely afford an expensive wreath and lots of people were showing them off proudly. Though realistically, they probably got a staff member to pick it out and put it up for them. How the other half live!

Here are some of my favourite doors – plus another Christmas decoration that caught my eye.  Which wreath would you put on your door?

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I’m a summer child. I love the feeling of warmth beating down from the sun, and wearing strappy tops so that my hair tickles my back when it’s up in a pony tail. I love being able to keep all the windows and doors open late into the night, and enjoying long days where the sun doesn’t want to set.

Those days are gone for another year now and autumn has taken over.

Social media seems to go mad over this phenomenon. As soon as September started, pictures of pumpkin spiced-anything, chunky jumpers and open fires were everywhere. Instead of a cool month, though, we had a heatwave. It’s only now that the weather has properly turned and it’s time to accept that autumn is officially here. Actually, it seems like the seasons have slipped and pressed fast forward, so we’re now hurtling through winter instead.

Either way, there’s no point pining over those long summer days. Instead, it’s time to embrace autumn. Here are the top five things I’m looking forward to this season.

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