The end of December is usually the end of a month of eating, drinking and spending, so most people turn their thoughts to plans for the new year. I gave up on keeping any New Year’s Resolutions based around weight loss a long time ago. In fact, it wasn’t until 2014 that I successfully met a New Year’s Resolutions goal at all. I promised to cut down on the amount of ready meals that I ate. In one year, I went from about one per week to three in a year. Not bad going! Since then, I’ve always set realistic goals and my success rate has definitely improved.

So what realistic goals am I setting for 2018?

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It’s finally happened and I’m off on another international adventure. It may not be a long haul flight or involve multiple destinations, but I am very excited to be going to Rome, Italy for the first time. The last time I was in Italy was for a school visit to Pompeii when I was 15, so a trip back is well over-due.

Rome is definitely a city with a lot of historic sights. From the Colosseum to the Vatican, there will be a lot of walking around and gazing up in wonder at the ancient buildings around us. During our four days in the city, I hope that we also get a chance to see Rome as it is today, whether that be areas that are more off the beaten track, or places where the locals like to eat, drink and shop.

Rather than going hard with a huge plan like I would do on a Disney holiday, we’re playing it cool with a rough idea of where we want to go to during the trip. If you’d like to follow along, I’ll be tweeting and instagramming through the long weekend. If you miss it, don’t worry, because I’m also going to be filming my first ever vlogs while we’re there. Exciting! Read on to find out what we’ll be getting up to.

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While my group of friends have been in and out of relationships, I prefer to sail along with single life and only put in time and effort when the right person comes along. So, as you might expect, I’ve been single for many a Valentine’s Day. Usually on February 14th around half of my closest friends are in relationships. In one horrific year at Uni, I was the only single person in our house of three couples. I felt like I was taking up much-needed space in the living room, and probably should have crept up to my room to watch TV instead.

But this year is going to be different. For the first time, all of my uni housemates are single along with me, so naturally we’re having a massive Galentine’s Day celebration.

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