What a mad morning! We were raring to go at 8am, only to discover that Islands of Adventure didn’t actually open until 9am. At least the sister theme park opened an hour earlier, so we could power-walk over for an hour of fun before our morning properly began. We managed to get on every ride we wanted before we even stopped for lunch. Yes, we were two sisters on a mission.

Watch our exploits in today’s vlog and then read on for my tips and tricks.

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I’ve never been one to pay more for extra events in Disney World, and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) has always been one of them. Isn’t Magic Kingdom great enough without having to pay another $100 to stay in for a few hours more?

This time, I have to hold my hands up and say that I was wrong. This evening was easily my favourite of the whole trip. Yes, it is a lot of money – around £75 with the poor exchange rate – but it might just have been worth it. This is why.

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You might think that a fair amount of planning goes into any holiday, but Orlando holidays take it to another level. Not only can flights and hotels be booked around a year in advance, but the most organised visitors will also book dining reservations, arrange airport transfers, arrange rest day activities and even plan their days down to the hour before they step foot on the plane.

That’s what we’ve done for our Orlando holiday. The last time I visited as a guest, Fastpass+ was just an idea and the dining plan was too expensive. We hired a car so there was no need to plan meals in advance; we would simply drive to the restaurant that took our fancy.

This time it’s different.

Gone are the days of having a rough idea of what to do on each day, and now it’s more common to have a minute-by-minute plan ready. Since I’ve planned a lot, I thought I would share some of our ideas. It might help you decide what to do on your upcoming trip. And if you’re not going? Then this is the perfect chance to be nosey.

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As a Disney fan, there is little I love more than reading about holidays to Walt Disney World. There is nothing that enratptures me more than hearing about travel plans, dining reservations, and hotel choices than reading or listening to people go over their holiday plans. Sometimes I pick up tips or ideas, and sometimes I’m just nosey.

If you have the same affliction, then you’re in luck because in just over six months I will be jetting off to the place where magic lives for the eighth time in my fairly short life. I’ll be crossing the Atlantic once more to touch down in Orlando, Florida and I’m going to tell you all about what we’ve planned so far.

Over the next 200 days (not that I’m counting) I’ll be sharing a lot about the planning process, from fastpasses to picking restaurants, so stick around.

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