Is there anything better than a week off work in the summer? Maybe when I get to leave behind the hustle and bustle of London and exchange it for the peace and quiet of home in Shropshire with my family.

This year, we decided to go on a mini break to the Peak District. We stayed in the spa town of Buxton and used it as a base to visit some beautiful towns and villages throughout the National Park. It was a great two days and we discovered some lovely places that I can’t wait to share with you.

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I went on an adventure at the weekend. It was technically a work trip, as I had to write an article for one of my magazines we create, but it was a lot of fun. I got to stay in a lovely country hotel, eat incredibly fancy food, and have a spa day. As far as weekends go, it was pretty great.

I vlogged the whole trip especially for you, so put the kettle on, sit down, and have a watch. Then come back and read my review of the trip. Enjoy!

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I haven’t been on a mini-break in quite a while, so going up to Scotland on Easter weekend definitely counted as a holiday – and it definitely cost enough. With the price of my trains costing equal to most return European flights, I knew I wanted to make the most of this adventure.

So at 8.30am on Good Friday, there I was in Kings Cross station, surrounded by legions of other people who were getting away for Easter. The train was fully reserved, so people were sitting on the floor, in the luggage racks, and whenever else they could find. Luckily I had a seat in the corner of the train, away from the madness of 50th birthday celebrations kicking off before lunchtime.

Four and a half hours after waving goodbye to London, I arrived in Edinburgh. The whole reason I was in Scotland was to see some of my roommates from when we all worked at Disney together. Since we live in opposite corners of the UK, it’s often hard to organise a time to meet up, so getting together to see Adele in Glasgow was the perfect reason.

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