I am not known for being particularly crafty. This is mostly because my version of ‘craft perfection’ is working on something until I get bored and deciding that it’s probably decent. This started to change a little with the creation of my beautiful Minnie Mouse ears ahead of my October trip to Disney World, but that fact remains that I am far more creative with words than with arts and crafts.

I was recently invited to a crafting afternoon organised by Viking Stationary and I thought that it would be too much fun to turn down. If anyone could teach this old dog new tricks, then surely it would be professional crafters. And even if I did spectacularly fail, at least it would provide some entertainment.

I am proud to announce that I had a really fun time, made some cool things, and even got praised by the block printing leader. There were a few slight mishaps with origami, but I’ll get onto that later.

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My life is mostly revolving around running at the moment. Trust me, no-one is more surprised about this than me.

I used to despise running. I would tell anyone that would listen (i.e. my mum) that I simply couldn’t run. My body was not built for intense physical activity, I said. But I was wrong. Yes, running would make my lungs feel like they were about to implode and my calves would ache in protest, but there is a satisfaction in running that definitely can’t be found in the gym. While you might notice that you went slightly quicker on the cross trainer from one day to the next, there are tangible improvements to be made while running.

That is why it is so addictive. More and more people are running extreme distances every year and they’re all loving it. The London marathon attracted more applicants that ever before in 2016, according to The Telegraph. Nearly 250,000 people applied for one of the 38,000 spots, with over 42% of applicants being women, up from around 4 per cent in 1981.

So why are more people – especially women – lacing up their expensive running trainers and pounding the pavements? Read on to find out why I think you should join their ranks.

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Sadly the title of this blog is a tad misleading as I haven’t actually won an award. But the lovely Miss Jamie-Leigh has nominated me to answer ten tricky questions, which is just as good.

The Liebster Award is a tag that’s travelling around the blogging community at the moment. Someone nominates you, invents ten questions, you answer them and then nominate another ten people. It’s not too complicated, right? Though I’ve been given some fairly tricky questions. So if you want to find out what the best lipstick ever is or read my starter blogging tips, read on.

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You already know that I like to travel, but you might not realise that it also fills me with uncertainly. I tend to be quite introverted when meeting new people, and I feel nervous when I’m not 100% sure how to get back to the hostel after a long day of exploring a new city. Despite that, it is my favourite thing to do. To remind myself of why I love it so much, I thought I would gather together some perfect travel quotes and share them with you.

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