With a Disney trip, there must come a vlog series.

I am very excited to share the first installment from my trip to Disneyland Paris in April 2017. I’m now an annual pass holder, so you can expect more visits coming over the next twelve months as well.

Now it’s time to watch the vlog, and don’t forget to read on for the behind-the-scenes as well.

The day started with a fair amount of stress as I had to get to St Pancras International train station for 6am, which is more difficult than it sounds when the tube doesn’t start running until 5.30am. I made it with plenty of time, though, and we had a lot of room to spread out in the carriage. International travel via train was even more simple than I anticipated. There was airport-style security at the station, but then we started hurtling through the countryside, stopping a few times in UK stations, then in Calais, and then we changed in Lille. We had an hour to kill here, and then it was onto a slower train to Disneyland Paris itself. The station here is about 50 metres from the security checkpoints to get into the parks, and just across the road from all the bus stops. That meant we could walk straight out of the station and onto our hotel bus. The entire process was smooth and stress-free. I can’t recommend the Eurostar enough.

After the others had freshened up and we had left our bags at the hotel, we headed to the parks. It all got a bit much for me as we walked into Disneyland for the first time. With the music and atmosphere, it felt just like Disney World in Florida. It seemed so weird to be stood there. More than anything, it made me realise how much I miss Magic Kingdom.

Everything was equally overwhelming, but we got to do a few rides and eat a Casey’s Corner hot dog while watching the new Princess Show.

All in all, it was a fantastic first morning and afternoon in Disneyland Paris.

Update: Part 2 is here as well! Take a look:

New Orleans has some very cool accommodation options staying in authentic wooden homes, complete with shutters and a front porch perfect for sipping an ice tea on a rocking chair as you watch the sun go down. Sound like bliss? Then take a look at these perfect hotel and hostel options with a traditional flair.

Since New Orleans is a city where authentic can be even more enjoyable than luxury, I’ve decided to include two very authentic feeling hotels, as well as the usual hostel option. Which would you most like to stay in?

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Budapest is cheap, especially where accommodation is concerned. When we started looking for a suitable hostel, we quickly realised that we could afford a fairly decent hotel for only slightly more than the price of a hostel elsewhere. Result.

I really recommend the hotel we stayed in, which features a balcony that I could happily stand on, staring off into the distance, all day. Plus, Budapest has some very cool hostels, perfect for those who want to explore the ruin bars all night.

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One of the main attractions in Las Vegas are the hotels, so deciding which one to stay in can be tricky. One thing is worth saying from the outset: even the cheapest hotels on the strip are quite expensive. If you feel like splashing out there are some definite perks like great pools, casinos and restaurants, and often great views over the city from your room.

If you’d rather flit away your money in the bars and casinos than on accommodation, there are cheaper options just off the main strip. However, there are lots of less-than-safe areas in Las Vegas that are just a stone’s throw from the tourist areas, so be aware and do your research first. Here are my recommendations for every budget.

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Las Vegas is a very odd place, but you probably already knew that. After hours of driving down long, straight roads through seemingly endless desert, it rises up through the sand. There is no other major civilisation for hundreds of miles around, and yet people from all over the world flock to this patch of the Mojave desert to gamble, drink and have the best time ever.

Rather than falling in love with Vegas, I was bemused by it. It is the child of excess. The world doesn’t need Las Vegas, and yet it exists anyway. If you go, and I think you should just to experience the madness, here’s what you should do.

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