I can’t walk.


Because I only went a ran a half marathon this morning! Yes, I actually managed to do 13 solid miles of running through the streets of Ealing, West London. It was my first half marathon ever and, amazingly, I didn’t die and I made it round in 2:27:06. My body is paying the price now; my knees are absolutely killing and I dread to think what they will be like tomorrow. I think I’ll avoid that thought for now and think about how great the race was instead.

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This week has been one of those that goes on and on and on. After such a fun weekend, most days this week have felt like Friday, but then the cold light of day descends and my alarm goes off at 7am the next morning, as always.

The weekend has mercifully come along now and I’m not even very happy about it. That’s because of a slightly terrifying event that is happening. After months of attempting to train, it’s time for me to do my half marathon and I’m a bit terrified. Lots of 6am starts and endless Sunday morning runs have lead up tot his point. Am I ready? Another few weeks definitely wouldn’t go amiss, but I’m ready to get out there and get it done now.

Also this week, I got to go on a boat trip up the River Thames with work and I ate the best fish and chips in London.

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It’s official. The I’s have been dotted and the T’s have been crossed, and I’m set to move to the other side of the city next week. It’s time to say goodbye to my rubbish house share and move back in with my housemate of three years from uni, who is coincidentally also my best friend. It’s going to be pretty amazing, despite the longer commute and higher rent. You can’t have everything, right?

I’ve also been getting back into the swing of work after being away for a week. It’s such a culture shock to return back to the sights and sounds of the city after spending a week in a small town. I think I relaxed into my time off a little too much because going back to work was tough, but I made it through.

Also this week, one of my dreams came true. I’ve wanted to see this musical ever since the Lion King roared onto the London stage in 1999 and on Wednesday I got to live my dream. Plus, we did it in style, celebrating Holly’s birthday with fabulous Circle seats and a champagne celebration package. Stay tuned for a special review post coming later this week.

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Wow – it has been far too long since I last posted a weekly update. But rather than not having enough to say, I’ve actually had so much going on that I’ve barely had a free minute to blog. As much as I love being busy, I also really enjoy sharing these posts, so hopefully my life will calm down the tiniest bit. Though that isn’t looking likely!

I’ve just started looking for a new flat to move into from September. I cannot wait to get out of my rubbish house share and into a place that I genuinely like. If you’ve ever tried to move in London, you will know how stressful the housing market is here. It feels like there are hundreds of people looking to move everyday, so flats can go on and off the market in a matter of hours. Thankfully we have lots of time to get it sorted yet.

So what has been keeping me so busy?

As you know, I headed to Rome for a long weekend, and it completely knocked me out for the next week. Then I was off to an all-weekend work conference. Between that, vlog editing for the first time ever, and trying to train for my half marathon – which means a lot of sleepy early starts – it’s been a bit crazy.

Here are some of the highlights.

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As you may have already realised, I love musicals, and since I live in London I have access to some of the world’s best shows right on my doorstep. Last night I was lucky enough to have amazing seats to see Kinky Boots in the Adelphi Theatre. I’d heard great things about it, and my expectations were definitely met and then surpassed. The name has put off a few people I know, but it’s a lot more than some fabulous drag queens. This show might just have the biggest heart in the West End.

Some of my other decisions have been more questionable this week. After the relative success of my first ever race when I did a 10k in May, I’ve decided to step up my game. There’s nothing like a ridiculous challenge to motivate me, and this is definitely one of them. The next few months are going to be tough.

Read on to find out what I’ve gone and done this time…

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