You may have seen Disney vloggers or bloggers getting to do some very cool things at Walt Disney World, and it’s easy to assume that they’ve been singled out, picked for a special experience, or even paid more to do something. That may be the case sometimes, but often they know the insider secrets that will make their experience that bit more magical.

No longer will you feel left out of this club of Disney fanatics, because I’m going to share my top tips and tricks for getting more out of Disney than just the rides. After all, you’ve paid for your park tickets, flights and hotel so you deserve to get the most out of your holiday.

Here are ten things that I think you should know before flying off to Florida. Hopefully they’ll help you to get a bit of extra magic out of your trip.

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It’s Magic Kingdom day! After a lazy start, it felt like we’d wasted half the day after going for a run, relaxing at the pool and getting breakfast in the Caribbean Beach food court. We were raring to go as we caught the bus to our favourite place in the entire world. There’s something about walking around the corner onto Main Street U.S.A. that is so incredibly magical every time.

We spent the rest of the day soaking up the atmosphere, going on loads of rides and eating at the Liberty Tree Tavern, which was delicious. Read on for the highlights and my tips.

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The 60-day countdown is quite an important one for anyone waiting for their Disney holiday to come along. At 180 days it’s time to book dining reservations, and the two-month mark is the turn of Fastpasses for rides for anyone staying in a Disney hotel. Everyone else has to wait another 30 days when the reservations are available to anyone with a valid park ticket, so it’s a great chance to beat the crowds and secure queue jumps for your favourite rides.

Every park ticket entitles the holder to three queue jumps – or Fastpasses – per day. If you want to find out more about what they are and which rides you should pick, this post explains nearly everything.

While I knew all about the theory, I wasn’t sure what it would be like to actually book them. Our 60-day mark soon came around and I had to hope everything would fall into place. If you’re in the same position as I was, then this should help you feel ready to book all those crucial queue jumps.

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When people think of Disney World, they usually think of going on rollercoasters like Space Mountain or meeting Minnie Mouse in front of the Cinderella Castle. While these are highlights of any trip, that might not be what you find yourself missing when you get home.

There’s not doubt that ‘post Disney-depression’ can make you feel a little down when you return back home after a perfect holiday. Here are some of the little things that you miss from time playing in the parks and soaking up the magic.

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It’s currently around 120 days until I go to Disney so there’s still another 60 before I can book our fastpasses, but this is still something I’ve already started to think about because I’m so obsessed with this holiday.

Fastpass+, the system that allows you to go in a much shorter attraction line at Walt Disney World, may sound simple. You can pick three rides or attractions in advance, you’re given specific times to go back to these attractions, and you get to smile smugly at everyone waiting in the regular line as you step right onto the ride.

There is a lot more to the system, though. From getting your fastpasses at the best times, to picking the best attractions, it’s not too difficult to maximise what you can get out of the system.

Lately I’ve heard of people choosing to fastpass rides that rarely have wait times of over 20 minutes, which is a bit of a waste. For example, at Epcot you can fastpass either Test Track, which often has a wait of over an hour, or Living with the Land, which rarely takes longer than ten minutes to get onto. If you think strategically, you can get even more out of your Disney trip. Here are all of my top tips for you.

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