Can you think of a world without the Disney Store in the closest city? Thankfully, being 22, I can’t remember a time before this shop brought a bit of magic to the high street. In fact, pixie dust has been sprinkled in the UK for 30 years now, and I am so thankful that the shops remain as popular as ever. I’m lucky enough to work quite near to the flagship UK store on Oxford Street, London. That means that whenever I’ve had a rough morning at work, I can power walk over to the Disney Store, check out all the new merchandise, chat to some Cast Members, and leave with a smile on my face, ready to handle the rest of the day. That’s pretty special.

A few weeks ago, the Disney Store contacted me to help celebrate their big birthday this year. Bloggers are coming together to recreate scenes from their favourite Disney movies, using props that are on sale now with Disney.

If you know me, you’ll know that I have a slight obsession with Winnie the Pooh, so that had to be top of my list. Then I got a special delivery on Saturday afternoon with Disney branding all over it. The package felt soft and squishy, so I had some idea of what it was going to be. Opening it, I found the cutest Eeyore soft toy ever. He’s super soft and perfectly huggable.

It gave me the perfect idea for my photo, too.

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Last weekend I went to my first ever Disney bloggers meet up. I was pretty nervous to meet some people that I’d been following on Twitter for months and have some fun in the city.

In typical Lisa form, I went out the night before and started the day feeling rather hungover. This did really help to make me feel less nervous about meeting everyone, but more worried about the state of my health for the day. It was definitely a rollercoaster of headaches and tiredness mixed in with the excitement of meeting everyone. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend several calming drinks the night before a meet up!

If you’re thinking of coming to the next event, then this blog is definitely for you. I’m going to go through the vague plan of the day, what everyone did and when they did it. I’m already looking forwards to the next Disney meet where I can catch up with my friends and meet even more Disney fans.

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