I love brunch. Going out for copious amounts of high-quality breakfast food is an idea that I can get behind. So when I was invited to try out Florentine’s punch brunch with unlimited cocktails for 90 minutes, I got myself down to Waterloo for a morning of delicious eggs and generous gin.

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As soon as I stepped through the door of Generator London, tucked away in a residential area only a stone’s throw from King’s Cross, I felt like I’d become a tourist. It’s strange to be surrounded by people exploring my city, but it automatically made me feel excited, remembering all the hostels I’ve stayed in around the world.

Generator isn’t a normal hostel, though. It’s fair to say that it’s a lot more clean, innovative, and pretty than a lot of the places that I have stayed in. With lots of social areas, including a piano for anyone to put on a show, this is a social space for London travellers.

So why was I pretending to be a tourist for the evening? Generator invited a handful of London bloggers to find out about the hostels around Europe, give cocktail making a try, and even flip a few pancakes on camping stoves. It was an unusual evening filled with chats, laughs and stiff drinks. Sounds perfect, right?

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As you know, I really love a good burger so I was super happy when my colleagues decided to check out Dirty Bones as an after-work social. I’d take a good burger over a heavy drinking session any day, which probably makes me sound a lot older than 22. But between red onion jam, brioche buns and a perfect patty, I can’t quite change my mind.

Click here to read my top 5 London burgers, but can Dirty Bones enter my leaderboard?

With yummy happy hour cocktails and insane fries, it stands a good chance.

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