disney world photo of me

It seems like we can’t go more than a few days between drama at Disney World. Between a broken phone screen and today’s issue, we weren’t doing too well.

Why not watch the video and then read on to find out more about our Disney drama?

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What a rollercoaster of a morning! It started awfully, with a 50 minute wait for the bus and then a smashed phone screen, but then it kept getting better.

Highlights included being strongly encouraged to join in with the dancing in the Africa section of the park, catching an incredible performance of the Festival of the Lion King, and the best safari ever. Not only did we see lots of animals walking around while munching on their breakfast, but we also saw a lion roar. It was a truly magical moment. Our guide was fantastic and even she was amazed.

Take a look at the vlog – and feel free to laugh at my awful dancing for as long as you like – then come back to read my tips.

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The day had finally arrived! I really enjoyed our stay at Universal and I was surprised by how much I loved our hotel, Cabana Bay. All good things come to an end, though, and this one led to something even better: Disney World.

After a morning finishing off at Islands of Adventure, we got an Uber over to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and started the second half of the holiday. Watch the vlog and then come back for my top tips and behind-the-scenes.


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I’ve been thinking a lot about what I should put on my Walt Disney World bucket list for our 2016 holiday. Most online bucket lists are for first timers, like staying in a Disney hotel or visiting the resorts on the monorail loop. Others are sadly out of my price range, like the Chef’s menu at Victoria and Albert’s or getting a private tour guide. Since I have been lucky enough to visit the place where magic lives several times, I’m ready for the more advanced version without the huge price tag so I decided to put together my own list.

These are all the little things that we’re hoping to fit into our October 2016 holiday. We might not be able to squeeze them all into our jam-packed plan, but we’ll definitely give it a go. And if we don’t make it? Then we’ll just have to come back again in a few years. Sounds like the perfect excuse.

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