I’m back! One busy schedule has meant that I’ve been out of the blogging game, but it’s now business as usual.

Not only am I back to Faraway Lisa Mae, but I’m back from my short holiday to Disneyland as well. Of course that means new photos, new stories, and – of course – new vlogs that are already trickling onto my YouTube channel.

So what did we get up to in this trip? Whave have I learned on my second proper trip, and what can I share with you?

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What a rollercoaster of a morning! It started awfully, with a 50 minute wait for the bus and then a smashed phone screen, but then it kept getting better.

Highlights included being strongly encouraged to join in with the dancing in the Africa section of the park, catching an incredible performance of the Festival of the Lion King, and the best safari ever. Not only did we see lots of animals walking around while munching on their breakfast, but we also saw a lion roar. It was a truly magical moment. Our guide was fantastic and even she was amazed.

Take a look at the vlog – and feel free to laugh at my awful dancing for as long as you like – then come back to read my tips.

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