As you know, I really love a good burger so I was super happy when my colleagues decided to check out Dirty Bones as an after-work social. I’d take a good burger over a heavy drinking session any day, which probably makes me sound a lot older than 22. But between red onion jam, brioche buns and a perfect patty, I can’t quite change my mind.

Click here to read my top 5 London burgers, but can Dirty Bones enter my leaderboard?

With yummy happy hour cocktails and insane fries, it stands a good chance.

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Wow – it has been far too long since I last posted a weekly update. But rather than not having enough to say, I’ve actually had so much going on that I’ve barely had a free minute to blog. As much as I love being busy, I also really enjoy sharing these posts, so hopefully my life will calm down the tiniest bit. Though that isn’t looking likely!

I’ve just started looking for a new flat to move into from September. I cannot wait to get out of my rubbish house share and into a place that I genuinely like. If you’ve ever tried to move in London, you will know how stressful the housing market is here. It feels like there are hundreds of people looking to move everyday, so flats can go on and off the market in a matter of hours. Thankfully we have lots of time to get it sorted yet.

So what has been keeping me so busy?

As you know, I headed to Rome for a long weekend, and it completely knocked me out for the next week. Then I was off to an all-weekend work conference. Between that, vlog editing for the first time ever, and trying to train for my half marathon – which means a lot of sleepy early starts – it’s been a bit crazy.

Here are some of the highlights.

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My weekly round-ups are starting to have a musical theme to them. Don’t worry; I’m not spending all of my wages on theatre tickets (though I probably would if I could). This week, I managed to go and see Matilda for only £5, and if you’re aged between 16 and 25 then you can as well.

I also ventured to a new burger place near Covent Garden. If you’ve read my review of the top five best burgers in London, you’ll know that I take my burgers, buns, cheese and bacon very seriously. Find out if Meat Market is good enough to enter my top five by reading on…

My wonderful friend Jaye joined me in the #feeling22 club this week, and we celebrated her birthday in style. From masses of food and cocktails on Thursday evening, to exploring her new area in East London on Saturday night, it’s been quite a social week.

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Well, don’t tell me my week hasn’t been eventful.

This one has been full of great highs and horrible lows. The latter sadly included accepting that I’m not going to be able to move out of my rubbish house share for another three months. But, come September, I’ll be free from my contract and (fingers crossed) be able to move into a house or flat with my uni housemates. Time to start the countdown!

I’m never one to dwell on the negatives, and this week has been full of great moments too. My birthday is on Monday 23rd, and this week has been a sort of extended celebration of that. I booked two days of work and travelled back to my family home on Wednesday night. Before that, I decided to buy myself a birthday present of my own in the form of expensive running shoes. I think I’m in love with them (yes, it’s a sad life that I lead)!

Read on for burgers, relaxing and my first forray into crafting with my very own pair on minnie ears…

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I am a self-proclaimed burger connoisseur. I have made it my mission to try the best buns, patties and fries that London has to offer. I’ve tried the good, the average, and the incredible and now I’m going to pass on my knowledge because burgers this good deserve to be shared.

After months of burger-eating (I hope you appreciate how tough this job has been), I’ve whittled it down to my top four favourite London burger joints: Shake Shack, Honest Burger, Five Guys and Patty & Bun. I’m going to rate their burger-licious offering in three key categories: the burger, the fries, and the overall experience.

Only one can be crowned London burger champion. Read on to find out where you should be eating next time your’re in the city.

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