The big apple. It’s a destination at the top of so many bucket lists, and for good reason. When I first stepped out of the yellow taxi and onto the streets of Manhatten I was instantly hit by how much it feels like New York. This is not a city that will let you down; all the stereotypes are true.

The taxis never stop honking their horns, the buildings are sky high in every direction, people hurry around everywhere, and hot dog carts grace every street corner.

There is so much to do in this gargantuan city that I will only be able to scrape the surface in this blog. I hope it gives you some ideas for when you visit and inspires you to book a trip soon. It really is a completely unique city.

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If you’re British and you’ve looked into working for Disney, you probably know that it is very competitive. There are hundreds of jobs available for the summer programme, and much less than that for the year programme, and there are always hundreds and hundreds more people wishing and dreaming of that job than the ones that are lucky enough to be offered one.

The hardest part about it all is that so many candidates are so good. You may think you have the biggest passion for the Walt Disney company, but I quickly discovered that nearly everyone who applies has that same drive. Therefore, the recruitment process can be really tough. The standard is so high, and so are the stakes. A group interview usually starts off the face-to-face process, and then candidates are invited to talk to Disney’s professional recruiters. Trust me, the Disney cast members nearly always get it right.

If you’re nervous, one good thing to remember is that there is a wealth of information about these programmes available online. You’re already doing one thing right by researching interview tips, so well done.

So today I’m going to share some application tips specifically for the group interview stage. My only authority for this is that I applied twice and was accepted onto the summer programme once. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and secure the job you deserve in Florida.

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Last Sunday was so much fun. My favourite kinds of weekends are the way when I have time to laze around by myself and then meet friends for an adventure, and that is exactly what happened on Sunday. I got to have a very leisurely morning, then joined Jaye in the queue to get tickets for ‘Tonight at the Palladium’. We also ate out, had lots of wine, and spent the rest of the day enjoying various musical performances.

Speaking of musicals, my sister and mum have come down to London to visit this weekend. We saw Phantom of the Opera for the first time and booked spontaneous tickets to see In The Heights on Saturday night.

Plus, I’ve got another great London burger joint to tell you about. Yes, I do realise that burgers are pretty much the only things that I eat, but I’ve got no regrets. If you want to follow in my footsteps, read on.

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I have always loved Adele. I tend to judge my favourite artists on how much I enjoy singing their songs, and Adele car singalongs with any of her albums playing have always been my favourite. From 19 to 21, I loved it all. Then, when I heard she was bringing out a new album I was so happy. She’d been away from the limelight to raise her first child for so long that it seemed like she would never come back. But she did, and she did it in style.

Admitting that she’d written an album that wasn’t good enough, causing her to throw it out and start again, was inspiring. If even the most talented people in the world can’t get it right first time, why should we expect ourselves to? Instead, her hard work, perseverance, and renewed faith in herself saw 25 sit proudly alongside her other albums.

When I first heard Hello on the radio, I cried. When I got my hands on her album, I couldn’t turn it off for weeks. When the tickets for her tour came out, I panicked. My London friends thought the ticket prices were too expensive, with the cheapest seats costing nearly £70. Undeterred, a group of my friends from the Disney International Program got together and we managed to grab tickets for the show in Glasgow. Yes, it would mean a five-hour train ride up to Edinburgh (including a delayed train on the way back which ended up being a nine-hour journey. Loving life). And yes, our seats were on the very back row of the arena. And when I say back, I mean the roof was the only thing behind us, which was rather novel, but nothing could take away from the fact that I was going to see Adele. Read on to find out about the experience.

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The months have flown by, and I’ve lived in London for almost eight months now. I’m definitely not the same graduate who packed her bags and headed for the big smoke back in August. Here is what I’ve learned from living here. Hopefully it could help you know what to expect if you’re thinking of moving to London in the future. If you are, I definitely recommend it.

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