Sadly the title of this blog is a tad misleading as I haven’t actually won an award. But the lovely Miss Jamie-Leigh has nominated me to answer ten tricky questions, which is just as good.

The Liebster Award is a tag that’s travelling around the blogging community at the moment. Someone nominates you, invents ten questions, you answer them and then nominate another ten people. It’s not too complicated, right? Though I’ve been given some fairly tricky questions. So if you want to find out what the best lipstick ever is or read my starter blogging tips, read on.

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Another week been and gone already. Where are they flying off to? The really exciting part of this week was that it finally started feeling a tiny bit like spring. It’s not pitch black when I leave the office anymore, and there’s still a bit of light left in the sky when I get home now as well. After months and months of barely seeing daylight, this feels practically indulgent. Bring on the day when the clocks change and I’ll get a whole hour of sunshine/cloud before the London sky goes from grey to blackish orange. Got to love that light pollution.

After that terribly British intro of talking about the weather, I have actually done some other interesting things this week. I fell in love with Whole Foods (I was previously an anti-snob about it, but I was wrong), sang a bit of Coldplay at choir, and went on a London day-trip with my University pals.

Read on to find out how it all went.

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I am a self-proclaimed burger connoisseur. I have made it my mission to try the best buns, patties and fries that London has to offer. I’ve tried the good, the average, and the incredible and now I’m going to pass on my knowledge because burgers this good deserve to be shared.

After months of burger-eating (I hope you appreciate how tough this job has been), I’ve whittled it down to my top four favourite London burger joints: Shake Shack, Honest Burger, Five Guys and Patty & Bun. I’m going to rate their burger-licious offering in three key categories: the burger, the fries, and the overall experience.

Only one can be crowned London burger champion. Read on to find out where you should be eating next time your’re in the city.

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As a Disney fan, there is little I love more than reading about holidays to Walt Disney World. There is nothing that enratptures me more than hearing about travel plans, dining reservations, and hotel choices than reading or listening to people go over their holiday plans. Sometimes I pick up tips or ideas, and sometimes I’m just nosey.

If you have the same affliction, then you’re in luck because in just over six months I will be jetting off to the place where magic lives for the eighth time in my fairly short life. I’ll be crossing the Atlantic once more to touch down in Orlando, Florida and I’m going to tell you all about what we’ve planned so far.

Over the next 200 days (not that I’m counting) I’ll be sharing a lot about the planning process, from fastpasses to picking restaurants, so stick around.

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This week has moved at a glacial pace. You know it’s not going to be a great time when Monday feels like Thursday. But the weekend eventually arrived, as it always does, and freedom soon beckoned.

The highlight reel of this week includes devouring my first savory pancake, eating ready meals in a Catholic Halls of Residence, getting tipsy on free champagne, and watching Billy Elliot the musical. The latter involved a slightly shitty encounter with one of London’s obnoxious birds.

Read on for the low-down.

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