UPDATED 2017: I love watching these Disney vloggers and YouTubers whenever I can’t be at the place where magic lives. One of the main problems with loving Disney World is that you can’t be there all day, everyday. So during those depressing times when you’re not in Orlando, why not live vicariously through others? Lots of other people have filmed their whole Walt Disney World holiday experience and uploaded it for the world to see. Not only do you get to live their vacation alongside them, but it’s also a great source of inspiration for your next trip. From amazing new restaurants, to hints and tips, they have a lot of knowledge to share.

If you’re dreaming of your next holiday, get into the spirit with these six vloggers. Let me know if your favourite isn’t on my list – I’ll probably dedicate the next week of my life to catching up on all their vlogs!

UPDATE: Since writing this list, I decided to vlog my own Disney World trip! I’ve started uploading my vlogs on my own channel, so be sure to take a look. I went to Florida in 2016, and I’ve now got an annual pass at Disneyland Paris. Here’s day one of my Orlando trip:


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London is an amazing city to visit, and an even better one to live in. Yes, we might have to deal with the highest rent in the world, but there’s nothing like having one of the planet’s best cities to explore each and every weekend. I feel quite a bit of pressure to make the most of my treasured days off now that I work the 9 ’til 6 life, so I spend a fair amount of time trying to discover new places with my friends.

Greenwich is one of those places that, while being slightly off the main tourist trail, is postcard perfect. If you’re ever looking for something slightly different to do with your weekend in London, especially if you’re interested in meeting Llamas and a small hike to an incredible skyline view, then read on.

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One of the main attractions in Las Vegas are the hotels, so deciding which one to stay in can be tricky. One thing is worth saying from the outset: even the cheapest hotels on the strip are quite expensive. If you feel like splashing out there are some definite perks like great pools, casinos and restaurants, and often great views over the city from your room.

If you’d rather flit away your money in the bars and casinos than on accommodation, there are cheaper options just off the main strip. However, there are lots of less-than-safe areas in Las Vegas that are just a stone’s throw from the tourist areas, so be aware and do your research first. Here are my recommendations for every budget.

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Las Vegas is a very odd place, but you probably already knew that. After hours of driving down long, straight roads through seemingly endless desert, it rises up through the sand. There is no other major civilisation for hundreds of miles around, and yet people from all over the world flock to this patch of the Mojave desert to gamble, drink and have the best time ever.

Rather than falling in love with Vegas, I was bemused by it. It is the child of excess. The world doesn’t need Las Vegas, and yet it exists anyway. If you go, and I think you should just to experience the madness, here’s what you should do.

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I love being a tourist. As you probably know, visiting different places for the first time is one of my favourite things to do. And yes, when I’m abroad I often bumble around and take pictures of odd things and don’t really know where I’m going.

Since moving to London I’ve started to understand the relationship that people who live in famous cities across the world have with tourists. Of course tourists give the economy a huge boost, make places more diverse and get to see why you love where you live so much. But, they can also be a little bit annoying.

So, forgetting all the benefits for just one minute, here are the things that I wish I could tell tourists in London.

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