Hello there.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve realised that there isn’t a whole lot about me on my blog. Yes, you know all about where I’ve been on my travels, the places I’ve enjoyed, the ones I didn’t, and just how much I love Disney. But you don’t really know what makes me tick, and what I’m up to when I’m not jetting off to far off places. I think it’s time to change that, don’t you?

I’m going to try out a weekly round-up of my life, my favourite blogs of the week, and what’s going on. I’d love to hear your feedback, so please do leave a comment.

Without further ado, this was my week.

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Disney Parks are known throughout the world for being tonnes of fun and having amazing levels of service. Families will often save up for years to visit, so naturally they expect only the very best. Having to fulfill their exceptions as a Cast Member is difficult. They expect you to exceed their expectations. Your customer service skills have to come along very quickly when you accept a job at Disney. Nothing is ever too much trouble, which can be a challenge. But after a day of work, no matter how easy or difficult, there’s nothing like having unlimited theme park access to help you chill out and have the time of your life.

The reality of working for a company that accepts nothing less than perfection can be tough, but it’s also an amazing learning curve. If you’re going to get thrown in at the deep end (after extensive training), then why not do it with one of the best companies in the world?

By the way, if you’re looking for someone who’s going to moan about the Walt Disney Company then you’ve come to the wrong place. I adored my time working in Florida and it was a literal dream come true for me. Yes, there were highs and lows just like in any job, but overall it was one of my favourite life experiences to date. Read on to find out about the good, the bad, and the magical parts of working for Disney.

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We all know that social media is just a massive highlight reel of our lives, and it never shows the true picture of what is going on in a person’s life. This is never more true than with travel. The time someone spent ‘finding themselves’ hiking through the jungle and bonding with natives will never be all sunshine and daisies, no matter what they make out to be true on Facebook. While it really was the time of their life, they also probably had to deal with some rubbish along the way.
Of course travelling can be the most exciting part of life, and you should definitely share your stories wherever you can to encourage people to get out there and have an adventure of their own. Though I don’t think the reality travel should be too sugarcoated. Why not mention both the good, the bad and the ugly?
So, to celebrate the imperfection of life, here’s my look at what travel looks like on social media compared to what it looks like in real life.

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I felt like I knew New Orleans before I even got there. It has such a strong identity in films, books, and TV that I had very set expectations. The jazz, southern hospitality, beignets, and everything that’s in The Princess and the Frog (probably including a saxaphone-playing alligator). It doesn’t have the same fictional magic in the air that cities like New York do; New Orleans is a grittier version of it’s stereotypes. There’s binge drinking, poverty, and some unsavory places to be. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but it was amazing in different ways.

First of all, though, I have to tell you about one of the most surreal experiences of my life which happened on my first morning in this city.

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Contacts or glasses for travelling? All of you strutting around with your perfect 20:20 vision may not understand the importance of this one, but as a full-time glasses wearer, please believe me when I say it is a big deal. I need help to see things that are far away. While my vision is not too bad, I like it to be perfect whenever possible so I always wear glasses in day-to-day life and usually when I’m travelling, too. Besides, who wants to stare across the river to the Budapest parliament building and see a bit of a blur?

This might not sound like much of a problem. ‘Just wear your glasses then and get on with it,’ I hear someone cry. But sadly it’s not that simple because prime travelling time is during summer, which is when the sun is brightest. And there’s one thing here that we can all agree on – sunglasses on top of glasses are just not the one. So, those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be gifted with perfect eyesight have two choices; squinting or blurriness.

It’s a battle that I waged war with regularly, but now I can finally say I have a solution.

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