If you’ve been to my blog before, you’ll know that I have major wanderlust pretty much 24/7. It’s unquenchable. Instead of ignoring it, I have to feed it by planning trips and finding more amazing places to visit. One of the main places I go for inspiration is the Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist and it has given me so many ideas.

So today I’m going to share my top five dream bucketlist destinations around the globe. At first my mind hit a blank – how could I possible narrow down the whole world into five amazing things? – but then the ideas started coming, and they wouldn’t stop coming. Then I narrowed it down to these top places. Are they similar to what you would have chosen?

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This week has felt like running a marathon. I may not know what that feels like in real life, but I have now officially run a 10k, at least. Typically, the morning of the 7th May dawned as the hottest day of 2016 so far. Running in 25 degree heat was very tough and most of my training went out of the window, but I still managed to get around in a decent time and claim my medal at the end.

In other news, I went on a pretty bizarre outing with my pals on Tuesday. Thanks to Tom’s Parliament connections, he managed to get us all into the Houses of Parliament for dinner and drinks. I did feel a bit like I was being smuggled in, but I promise it was all legit. Apart from the only photo I took. I promise I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed until after I’d taken it!

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I’m so excited to go to Walt Disney World in October. This isn’t a solo trip, though, I’m taking my baby sister along for the ride. Not quite as small anymore, she’ll be in her first year of sixth form college when we fly over to the place where magic lives. We’re thinking of blogging and even vlogging the entire trip, so I thought you should probably become better acquainted with her.

We have both been luckily enough to grow up while visiting Walt Disney World. I’ve only been to Florida once without her, back when I was three years old, and since then we have both visited six more times. Looking back at the photos of us growing up over the years is something really special, so I’m very glad that we’re onto the next stage now where we can be trusted to go together.

Today, she’s answering 30 Disney Parks questions for your entertainment. Be sure to say hi to her in the comments. She’s rather excited to feature on my blog, so I’m sure you’ll make her day!

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Welcome to the special bank holiday edition of the Faraway Lisa Mae weekly round-up! I know bank holidays are business as usual for a lot of people, but I’m one of those lucky office workers who get an extra day off work. May is going to be a pretty good month for me with two bank holiday weekends as well as my long birthday weekend back at home.

I managed to make the most of the high temperatures this weekend by going for lots of canal-side walks and chilling in parks. I spent the whole weekend at a friend’s apartment in Hertfordshire, which is a 30 minute train away from central London. A big group of us squeezed into their two-bedroom apartment for a murder mystery party. It was the first time I’d been invited to a murder mystery, so read on to find out what I thought and find out about the surprisingly cheap game we played.

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Today I’m going to share a book that has given me major wanderlust and mountains of travel inspiration. I knew I had to get Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist after quickly flicking through it in Urban Outfitters one afternoon. I can spend ages looking at the books they have for sale, and this one was more stunning than any others I had seen.

It’s quite a hefty tome, with 500 locations on over 300 bright colourful pages with succinct descriptions. It’s a book that you can easily pick up, flick through for a quarter of an hour, and then dip back into a few days or weeks later.

At one stage, I started to count how many of the 500 destinations that I’d already been to, but it was depressingly small. If I had started a list of the places I wanted to go to after reading the book, no doubt it would be as long as the book itself.

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The places that inspired me the most were the ancient temples and monuments. Quite a few of them make it into the top 500, including the coveted top spot going to the Temples of Angkor. The photos are so vivid that it feels like you’re stepping back thousands of years just by looking at them. The crumbling ruins of Machu Picchu come in third place, and I can’t decide if I would rather go there or to the Cambodian temples in the number one spot. I love the mystery around it as no-one really knows what it was ever used for. But it’s a lot harder to get to, with the book advising taking a train and then going on a 42km walk to reach it.

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