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Blogging is a fantastic hobby, but it can also get a little lonely! For that reason, I am pleased to offer blog collaboration and sponsorship opportunities with brands and bloggers. Not only does this add an exciting new dimension to my blog, but it helps to keep content fresh and relevant.

I am eager to make Faraway Lisa Mae a leading blog for travel, lifestyle and Disney news and updates. Working with brands will not only add authority, but it is also a great exposure platform for you. As I’m sure you know, micro-influencers wield smaller but more dedicated audiences, and I have built this through my blog, Twitter and YouTube followings.

In particular, I love hearing about the following:

  • Travel (e.g. hotels, tourist boards, activities, travel accessories)
  • Blogger events in London
  • Lifestyle reviews (e.g. home ware, stationary, clothing, technology)
  • Food and restaurant reviews

Plus much more. Please get in touch to discuss specific collaborations. You can also request a copy of my media pack.


Past collaborations have included:

Please get in touch to discuss how I could work with your brand specifically. I am eager to try new approaches that would fit with your business. I can also offer YouTube promotion.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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