This week has been one of those that goes on and on and on. After such a fun weekend, most days this week have felt like Friday, but then the cold light of day descends and my alarm goes off at 7am the next morning, as always.

The weekend has mercifully come along now and I’m not even very happy about it. That’s because of a slightly terrifying event that is happening. After months of attempting to train, it’s time for me to do my half marathon and I’m a bit terrified. Lots of 6am starts and endless Sunday morning runs have lead up tot his point. Am I ready? Another few weeks definitely wouldn’t go amiss, but I’m ready to get out there and get it done now.

Also this week, I got to go on a boat trip up the River Thames with work and I ate the best fish and chips in London.

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Day two in Rome was a big one! We walked over 15 km, and much of that was slowly plodding around the Vatican museums, surrounded by oppressive tour groups. We also found a castle, twirled around in St Peter’s Square, and ate at the most amazing Italian restaurant. We noticed that we were the only tourists in there when we sat down, which gave us a good idea of the food quality – and we were proved right – it was amazing.

Read on for my vlog, photos, and tips.

Day two highlights: 

  • Food. Ice cream near the castle, and the best pasta ever
  • An extensive tour of the Vatican
  • Sistine Chapel
  • St Peter’s Square
  • 2017 Pope Calendar (yes, really)
  • The Castle

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If you’re British and you’ve looked into working for Disney, you probably know that it is very competitive. There are hundreds of jobs available for the summer programme, and much less than that for the year programme, and there are always hundreds and hundreds more people wishing and dreaming of that job than the ones that are lucky enough to be offered one.

The hardest part about it all is that so many candidates are so good. You may think you have the biggest passion for the Walt Disney company, but I quickly discovered that nearly everyone who applies has that same drive. Therefore, the recruitment process can be really tough. The standard is so high, and so are the stakes. A group interview usually starts off the face-to-face process, and then candidates are invited to talk to Disney’s professional recruiters. Trust me, the Disney cast members nearly always get it right.

If you’re nervous, one good thing to remember is that there is a wealth of information about these programmes available online. You’re already doing one thing right by researching interview tips, so well done.

So today I’m going to share some application tips specifically for the group interview stage. My only authority for this is that I applied twice and was accepted onto the summer programme once. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and secure the job you deserve in Florida.

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It’s weekly round-up time once again, and I can’t quite believe we’re in April already. It’s been another fun week, especially thanks to the fact it was only a four-day working week. If you wondered where the weekly round-up was last Sunday, I wrote a special weekend edition about my Easter weekend in Scotland.

So over the last five days I’ve got back into training for my 10k, had a tour around the Houses of Parliament for the first time, and become obsessed with the musical Hamilton. It’s been a bit of an emotional one! Read on to find out if I’m likely to survive running 10k on 7th May. There’s only just over a month to go, which is rather worrying.

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