Far flung destinations

Whenever someone asks about my love of Disney World, I reply that I practically grew up in central Florida, visiting every few years since the age of three. In between these magical trips, I had a fair few memorable trips to other parts of the world. While I may no longer be a fan of the traditional beach holiday, I used to love to spend the day making mischief on a beach somewhere. Running up and down, begging my dad to dig a big hole in the sand for no reason, and jumping in and out of an inflatable tyre were all staples of my childhood.

In October, I made more memories to last a lifetime in Disney World with my sister. Also that month, Harry at Instant Print asked me to write a blog post about my postcard-perfect memories of my travels. They also send this bundle of goodies, which came in very useful in Florida.


Without further ado, here are my snapshots of my favourite travel memories so far.

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I’m on a campaign to get young people to realise that cruising isn’t just for retirees. To me, cruising is like interrailing but without all the hassle. Instead of endless train journeys, you get ultimate luxury on a floating hotel.

When we went on Disney Cruises for three nights and then a week in 2010, I have to admit that it was more for the Disney aspect than the travelling. Now that I’m planning holidays without the family, I’m definitely considering cruises that explore places that I haven’t been before, and Scandinavia would definitely be at the top of my list.

Cruising experts over at Cruise Club UK have agreed to try to convince you why should re-think your next trip and think about exploring new places from a ship. I’m definitely convinced.

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You might think that a fair amount of planning goes into any holiday, but Orlando holidays take it to another level. Not only can flights and hotels be booked around a year in advance, but the most organised visitors will also book dining reservations, arrange airport transfers, arrange rest day activities and even plan their days down to the hour before they step foot on the plane.

That’s what we’ve done for our Orlando holiday. The last time I visited as a guest, Fastpass+ was just an idea and the dining plan was too expensive. We hired a car so there was no need to plan meals in advance; we would simply drive to the restaurant that took our fancy.

This time it’s different.

Gone are the days of having a rough idea of what to do on each day, and now it’s more common to have a minute-by-minute plan ready. Since I’ve planned a lot, I thought I would share some of our ideas. It might help you decide what to do on your upcoming trip. And if you’re not going? Then this is the perfect chance to be nosey.

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Who needs the Spanish coast when you’ve got Wales?

Yes, that might not be something that you hear everyday, but it certainly felt like that for me this week. For once in my life, I managed to book a week off work months in advance and the weather turned out to be beautiful. The August cloud and rain managed to hold itself at bay for a few days, allowing us to enjoy the glorious British sunshine. The sun’s rays were so strong that I managed to burn my arms and legs when we forgot the sun cream one day – a typical British mistake. Despite the skin damage, we had a really great time exploring a stream near Lake Vyrnwy, the beach at Morfa Nefyn, and the walled city of Chester, just outside the Welsh boarder.

Read on to discover my photo diary and my top tips for visiting in the summer. I also have a vlog accompaniment, so don’t forget to have a watch below!


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Today, I am joined by a fellow journalism graduate and – more importantly – one of my roommates from when I worked in Disney! The wonderful Rebecca Barrett has kindly written a great article on why cruising isn’t just for the retirees. In fact, it’s perfect for us 20-somethings as well. I’m definitely convinced, and I’m sure you’ll soon be as well, so I’ll see you on the pool deck.
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