Adventures that don’t require a long-haul flight

We all know that social media is just a massive highlight reel of our lives, and it never shows the true picture of what is going on in a person’s life. This is never more true than with travel. The time someone spent ‘finding themselves’ hiking through the jungle and bonding with natives will never be all sunshine and daisies, no matter what they make out to be true on Facebook. While it really was the time of their life, they also probably had to deal with some rubbish along the way.
Of course travelling can be the most exciting part of life, and you should definitely share your stories wherever you can to encourage people to get out there and have an adventure of their own. Though I don’t think the reality travel should be too sugarcoated. Why not mention both the good, the bad and the ugly?
So, to celebrate the imperfection of life, here’s my look at what travel looks like on social media compared to what it looks like in real life.

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Contacts or glasses for travelling? All of you strutting around with your perfect 20:20 vision may not understand the importance of this one, but as a full-time glasses wearer, please believe me when I say it is a big deal. I need help to see things that are far away. While my vision is not too bad, I like it to be perfect whenever possible so I always wear glasses in day-to-day life and usually when I’m travelling, too. Besides, who wants to stare across the river to the Budapest parliament building and see a bit of a blur?

This might not sound like much of a problem. ‘Just wear your glasses then and get on with it,’ I hear someone cry. But sadly it’s not that simple because prime travelling time is during summer, which is when the sun is brightest. And there’s one thing here that we can all agree on – sunglasses on top of glasses are just not the one. So, those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be gifted with perfect eyesight have two choices; squinting or blurriness.

It’s a battle that I waged war with regularly, but now I can finally say I have a solution.

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While my group of friends have been in and out of relationships, I prefer to sail along with single life and only put in time and effort when the right person comes along. So, as you might expect, I’ve been single for many a Valentine’s Day. Usually on February 14th around half of my closest friends are in relationships. In one horrific year at Uni, I was the only single person in our house of three couples. I felt like I was taking up much-needed space in the living room, and probably should have crept up to my room to watch TV instead.

But this year is going to be different. For the first time, all of my uni housemates are single along with me, so naturally we’re having a massive Galentine’s Day celebration.

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London is an amazing city to visit, and an even better one to live in. Yes, we might have to deal with the highest rent in the world, but there’s nothing like having one of the planet’s best cities to explore each and every weekend. I feel quite a bit of pressure to make the most of my treasured days off now that I work the 9 ’til 6 life, so I spend a fair amount of time trying to discover new places with my friends.

Greenwich is one of those places that, while being slightly off the main tourist trail, is postcard perfect. If you’re ever looking for something slightly different to do with your weekend in London, especially if you’re interested in meeting Llamas and a small hike to an incredible skyline view, then read on.

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I love being a tourist. As you probably know, visiting different places for the first time is one of my favourite things to do. And yes, when I’m abroad I often bumble around and take pictures of odd things and don’t really know where I’m going.

Since moving to London I’ve started to understand the relationship that people who live in famous cities across the world have with tourists. Of course tourists give the economy a huge boost, make places more diverse and get to see why you love where you live so much. But, they can also be a little bit annoying.

So, forgetting all the benefits for just one minute, here are the things that I wish I could tell tourists in London.

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