Adventures that don’t require a long-haul flight

Wow, where has this week gone?! I’ve barely had a second to breathe this week, between choir practice and work drinks in Mayfair. I am ashamed to say that I have not eaten a home-cooked meal this entire week. Instead, I’ve been grabbing things on the go, with a few special meals in between. If you like Gordon Ramsey’s food, you’re going to love where I went on Tuesday.

In my spare moments, I’ve been stressing. Not only did I successfully host my first journalist press trip on Thursday (I thought my heart was going to beat straight out of my chest when they were two hours late), but we’ve also been house hunting. If you know London, you’ll have no doubt heard about the crazy housing market. It is the most stress-inducing thing that I’ve ever come across.

Read on to find out how I got on…

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Training for a race is hard, and running one can be just as tough. I discovered this, and a lot more, when I ran my first ever race. Having skipped the 5km event, I went straight into a 10km race around Regents Park in London. My training had gone fairly well, minus a week off because of shin splints, and I felt as prepared for the event as I ever realistically would be.

Yet there was still lots that I wasn’t ready for. Entering yourself into a race can be daunting, so here are my top tips for your first running event. If you’re feeling daunted, it’s worth remembering that you’re pretty amazing for even signing up to get involved in this madness. Let’s go.

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This week has felt like running a marathon. I may not know what that feels like in real life, but I have now officially run a 10k, at least. Typically, the morning of the 7th May dawned as the hottest day of 2016 so far. Running in 25 degree heat was very tough and most of my training went out of the window, but I still managed to get around in a decent time and claim my medal at the end.

In other news, I went on a pretty bizarre outing with my pals on Tuesday. Thanks to Tom’s Parliament connections, he managed to get us all into the Houses of Parliament for dinner and drinks. I did feel a bit like I was being smuggled in, but I promise it was all legit. Apart from the only photo I took. I promise I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed until after I’d taken it!

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Welcome to the special bank holiday edition of the Faraway Lisa Mae weekly round-up! I know bank holidays are business as usual for a lot of people, but I’m one of those lucky office workers who get an extra day off work. May is going to be a pretty good month for me with two bank holiday weekends as well as my long birthday weekend back at home.

I managed to make the most of the high temperatures this weekend by going for lots of canal-side walks and chilling in parks. I spent the whole weekend at a friend’s apartment in Hertfordshire, which is a 30 minute train away from central London. A big group of us squeezed into their two-bedroom apartment for a murder mystery party. It was the first time I’d been invited to a murder mystery, so read on to find out what I thought and find out about the surprisingly cheap game we played.

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My life is mostly revolving around running at the moment. Trust me, no-one is more surprised about this than me.

I used to despise running. I would tell anyone that would listen (i.e. my mum) that I simply couldn’t run. My body was not built for intense physical activity, I said. But I was wrong. Yes, running would make my lungs feel like they were about to implode and my calves would ache in protest, but there is a satisfaction in running that definitely can’t be found in the gym. While you might notice that you went slightly quicker on the cross trainer from one day to the next, there are tangible improvements to be made while running.

That is why it is so addictive. More and more people are running extreme distances every year and they’re all loving it. The London marathon attracted more applicants that ever before in 2016, according to The Telegraph. Nearly 250,000 people applied for one of the 38,000 spots, with over 42% of applicants being women, up from around 4 per cent in 1981.

So why are more people – especially women – lacing up their expensive running trainers and pounding the pavements? Read on to find out why I think you should join their ranks.

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