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Most emails don’t have the power to make you jump up and down, scream, and cry. Only one made me do all three of those things and I received it two years ago. It told me that I had a summer job in Walt Disney World in Florida, which is a widely regarded as being a bit better than down at the local supermarket. I was exstatic. The recruitment process was fierce, so there was no guarantee I was going to get a place despite my passion for everything Disney. But, over seventeen years after I first waddled down Main Street as a three-year-old, my journey had come full circle and I had become a Cast Member.

I could write endless essays about my experience working for my favourite company, but I’ll restrain myself for your benefit. Instead, here are some of the highlights of my experience.

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So, you’re intrigued. You’ve heard people like me waxing lyrical about the magic of Walt Disney World in Florida, and now you think it might be somewhere that you want to go on your next holiday. Rather than just a lot of hype, I’m going to give you a run down of all the main theme parks that are most popular with Brits going across the pond for their holiday.

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Why do you keep going back to the same place?

This is one of the questions I get asked the most. Everyone knows that I love exploring new places, so why do I keep going back to the same part of central Florida time and time again?

Annoyingly, the only answer to this that I’ve ever conjured up is that ‘you’d understand if you’ve been there yourself’. My friends that have visited the ‘place where magic lives’ agree with this overwhelmingly. It’s hard to explain the atmosphere, the immersion and the fun to someone who is adamant that you’re a bit of a hypocrite.

So, here is my attempt to try and put my reasons into words. It will probably be in vain, but I’m sure all the converts out there will be nodding along.

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