It’s weekly round-up time once again, and I can’t quite believe we’re in April already. It’s been another fun week, especially thanks to the fact it was only a four-day working week. If you wondered where the weekly round-up was last Sunday, I wrote a special weekend edition about my Easter weekend in Scotland.

So over the last five days I’ve got back into training for my 10k, had a tour around the Houses of Parliament for the first time, and become obsessed with the musical Hamilton. It’s been a bit of an emotional one! Read on to find out if I’m likely to survive running 10k on 7th May. There’s only just over a month to go, which is rather worrying.

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I haven’t been on a mini-break in quite a while, so going up to Scotland on Easter weekend definitely counted as a holiday – and it definitely cost enough. With the price of my trains costing equal to most return European flights, I knew I wanted to make the most of this adventure.

So at 8.30am on Good Friday, there I was in Kings Cross station, surrounded by legions of other people who were getting away for Easter. The train was fully reserved, so people were sitting on the floor, in the luggage racks, and whenever else they could find. Luckily I had a seat in the corner of the train, away from the madness of 50th birthday celebrations kicking off before lunchtime.

Four and a half hours after waving goodbye to London, I arrived in Edinburgh. The whole reason I was in Scotland was to see some of my roommates from when we all worked at Disney together. Since we live in opposite corners of the UK, it’s often hard to organise a time to meet up, so getting together to see Adele in Glasgow was the perfect reason.

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Something very exciting is happening on Faraway Lisa Mae today. Yes, it’s my very first guest post! The lovely Jenn is from Canada and loves Disney just as much as I do. To celebrate our obsession with all things related to Walt Disney World, we have each shared our top ten tips for making the most out of a visit to the place where magic lives.

If you’re a fan of A Spoonful of Sugar, I’m so glad that you’ve decided to check out my blog. Take a look around; there are lots of Disney posts about my experience working for the company, my advice, and all about my upcoming trip to Florida in October.

Without further ado, it’s time to hand over to Jenn to share her top tips for making the most of a trip to Walt Disney World.

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Krakow is a quaint little city. It has some stunning architecture, hardy residents, and a gigantic open town square with a great atmosphere. It’s a beautiful place to explore and relax in. Plus, with a very strong exchange rate from British pounds to Polish złoty, we could eat in some of the best restaurants in prime locations for less than an average meal out in the UK. We found ourselves dining in candlelit restaurants in shorts and t-shirts rather than evening dresses.

As well as the history, there is another reason to visit. Krakow is one of the closest cities to Auschwitz, the infamous concentration camp built by the Nazis in World War II. At least one million innocent people were murdered at this site. I can’t recommend a trip highly enough; it’s something that everyone should have to witness. WARNING: I will talk about the tour we had in this post and it could be distressing.

This city has a rich history, and much of it is very recent and very sad. Here is why you should visit.

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Sadly the title of this blog is a tad misleading as I haven’t actually won an award. But the lovely Miss Jamie-Leigh has nominated me to answer ten tricky questions, which is just as good.

The Liebster Award is a tag that’s travelling around the blogging community at the moment. Someone nominates you, invents ten questions, you answer them and then nominate another ten people. It’s not too complicated, right? Though I’ve been given some fairly tricky questions. So if you want to find out what the best lipstick ever is or read my starter blogging tips, read on.

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