Bringing back the Disney bloggers community

When did you discover the Disney blogging community? We’re not too big, so it’s quite hard to spot us. Most likely, you found Disney vlogs first. How long ago was that: six months, five years? Recently, we saw the return of #disneybloggerschat on Twitter, and I didn’t realised how much we needed it, as a small Disney community of writers, photographers and videographers. I can already feel the old feelings of friendship and openness coming back, which makes me so happy.

One of the questions in Thursday’s #disneybloggerschat made me think about how I stumbled onto this niche community. It wasn’t quite simple enough to sum up in a tweet, so here we are. I’d love to hear your story as well, as it wasn’t particularly straight forwards for any of us. All that matters, after all, is that we found it.

Blogging background

I have been blogging for many years. There has been blog after blog for me. Each was a big passion for a while, but then real life came along and distracted me, or I fell out of love with my blog name and decided to start again.

From the start, Faraway Lisa Mae was different.

First of all, I put my own money into it. Gone were the days of making a new WordPress site; instead, I invested in my own domain name and bought a fairly expensive blog template (which turned out to be a fantastic investment). As soon as I spend money on something, I always take it a lot more seriously. It’s the same with running or joining a gym.


The start of this blog

To start with, this was going to be a travel blog with a touch of Disney Parks. A perfect recipe, I thought. It didn’t end up staying that way. As a recent graduate, I couldn’t afford many holidays and so I was severely lacking new travel content. What I had a lot of, though, was Disney tips and opinions.

Over time, it evolved into a true lifestyle blog with lots of varied posts, including Disney. So where did the community come in?



It was around that time that I watched my first ever Disney vlog. I’m pretty sure I almost cried. I had always loved trip reports from bloggers and on forums, but I had never seen people posting their whole trip in video format, complete with ride footage and a complete run-down of their whole itinerary.

I was hooked. To me, it was as close as I could get to the parks without being there. As I started to follow my favourite YouTubers on Twitter, I discovered this little community of Disney bloggers.

It was a real turning point for me, as this was the first time – other than when I worked in Florida – that I discovered a network of other grown adults who love Disney Parks as much as I do. I soon realised I was a very small fish in this small pond. There were lots of people that I looked up to in the community, like Gillian at Home, Adam Hattan and Ellie Steadman.


My content

It didn’t take me long to go from watching content to creating it, as well as posting more Disney content on my blog. Like when I bought my domain, I decided to make another investment. This time it was in a Canon G7x camera. It took a lot of research before I made the purchase, but I can wholeheartedly say that I made the right choice. I love that little camera.

My next holiday was a long weekend in Rome and I was so glad that I road-tested vlogging in Italy. I grew in confidence massively after only a few days, and I felt ready for Florida.

I loved filming, editing, and writing about those videos. I thought they were great. When I look back at them now, I realise that I’ve actually improved quite a bit since then and it makes me very proud.

Sadly, I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t neglected my blog in favour of YouTube a little. I studied video production at uni and it’s a passion that is not going anywhere for me.

The #disneybloggerschat has already inspired me to reignite my Disney blogging fire, though. So thank you to the team (@disney_blogger) for bringing this back. I’m very excited to write about Disney more and to read the posts of all the new bloggers that I have met already.


How did you find the Disney community? Do you write or make videos about Disney, or do you prefer to read and watch?

Faraway Lisa Mae sign off

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  1. February 2, 2018 / 9:36 am

    Like you I’ve been blogging for years – I must have had more than 10 blogs in the last decade and a half (showing my age? Possibly). On my trip to WDW last year I discovered the Disney Instagram community and decided to start my own Disney Insta. From there I decided to start a Disney specific blog, which led me to DisTwitter (a slightly crazy place) and found #disneybloggerschat. Whew, bit of a long one!

    My attention span is too short for YouTube vlogs! I try to watch them but anything more than 15 minutes and I zone out, which is why I like blogs – I can dip in and out. Oh, and Instastories – they’re much more my kinda length!

    Also like you I’ve bought a domain and a fancy layout (pipdig as well – such great layouts!) so I’m more committed to this blog than I have been to others. I’m going to make this one last!

    (okay, that turned into a really long comment …)

    Emma /