Hamilton London review in December 2017

It’s true – I’ve finally seen Hamilton! After years of wanting to see this phenomenon musical on Broadway, I didn’t even have to travel out of my city to see the show. We booked tickets all the way back in January 2017, and after a lot of stress when our performance was cancelled and we were allocated new tickets, we finally got to see this show on Tuesday 19th December 2017 at the Victoria Palace Theatre. This was the penultimate preview before the show officially opened on Thursday 21st.

Watch my vlog to see our experience:


When we came out, we couldn’t get over how amazing it all was. Now, I’ve had more time to reflect and here is my full review.


Jamael Westman is a better Hamilton than Lin-Manuel Miranda

I know this won’t got down well with big fans of the show, but let’s be honest: Lin is an incredible songwriter and ideas person, but he’s not my favourite singer. Jamael cuts an imposing figure among the cast. He towers over everyone and has a perfect balance of serious, playful, and fantastic vocals.



Jefferson is best played sassy

I’ve seen clips of the original cast, and I cannot imagine that Daveed Diggs had any more sass that Jason Pennycooke’s interpretation. He had me laughing out loud with his dramatic leaps across the stage and cutting comments. Though I do admit that no-one can rap Guns and Ships quite like Diggs.


 King George is funniest in London

I’m sure audiences around the world will laugh at King George’s hilarious three songs in the musical. In London, it feels like we’re allowed to laugh the hardest. He may have ruled our country, but there’s nothing that Brits love more that laughing at ourselves and our history. Michael Jibson played it incredibly well, and it’s great to see a British actor playing this iconic part.


Disappointed by Helpless

Helpless is one of my favourite songs in the whole musical, and it was probably the only track that did not sound as good as the Broadway recording. Rachelle Ann Go certainly had power in her solo songs, including a beautiful rendition of Burn, but she fell short in Helpless. We did see the show only a few weeks into the run, so I hope she can grow in confidence with this number, but I felt like it is at the edge of her abilities now.


Have you ever seen Hamilton? What did you think? Are you hoping to see the show in London? 

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