My favourite places on the Disney Magic cruise ship

Cruise ships can be huge places. They’re even bigger than a floating hotel, and often have handfuls of restaurants, theatres, and activities on them, plus enough rooms to house thousands of guests and thousands of staff. Disney Cruise line is no different, and I had a great time on the Disney Magic Mediterranean cruise back in September. It was my second time on this ship, but I hadn’t stepped foot on this incredible floating home since 2010. Quite a bit had changed.

With so much to see and only a set number of days to do it all, here are my favourite places on board the Disney Magic. I hope my list inspires you to book a cruise, or gives you ideas for your must-do things when you are on-board.

  1. Walt Disney Theatre

    This theatre is huge, and I’m sure it fits more people than some West End theatres. You do have to arrive up to half an hour early to get a good seat, especially for the most popular shows like Tangled the Musical. It’s completely worth it, though, as all of the performances were so much fun. Tangled was a clear favourite for me, and I also enjoyed Twice Charmed, which is a twist on the Cinderella story. There are two showings every night, so pick the one that doesn’t conflict with your dining time.
  2. Quiet Cove Pool 
    This pool is the perfect place to be on a warm day. It’s for adults only, so it’s always lovely and peaceful. Unlike in the main area, the lounge chairs are padded, making them super comfortable. You won’t want to leave. The pool is great, too. It is just long enough to be able to swim a few lengths, and if you don’t want to get completely wet, you can sit around the edge and dip your feet in the shallow wading areas.
  3. The atrium

    This is the real heart of the ship. So many activities happen here everyday, from live music and character meets, to baby races and shows. It is three storeys high, so it’s light and spacious. There are some good seating areas, particularly if you like people watching, and there is always something to see or do here. Lumiere’s, the Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant has its entrance in the atrium, too.
  4. Keys 
    This piano lounge is wonderfully relaxing after a busy evening of rushing around to get to shows and dinner and meeting characters. It is one of the most expensive places to buy drinks, but it is worth it for the live music. I loved sitting back and trying to guess the Disney tunes that were being played on the grand piano. T
  5. Outside on Deck 4

    I love deck four. Apart from the main decks at the top of the ship, it’s the only place where you can be outside and it’s so close to the ocean. It’s wonderfully peaceful, with lots of lounge chairs to relax on and watch the waves. You can also do a running path all the way around the deck; a lap is about a quarter of a mile. It’s also a great place to escape to in the evenings when the lobby is getting crowded and you want to chill away from the crowds for a little while.


Have you ever been on a cruise ship? Which parts were your favourite? Would you ever go on a Disney Cruise? 

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