Life update: I broke my toe

Can I give you some life advice today? Next time you step into the shower, look at where you put your feet. Make sure you lift your feet high enough to step completely into the shower. Sounds basic, right? ‘I do that every day,’ you might think.

I didn’t do that on Sunday, and now I have a broken toe. Instead of lifting my leg and climbing in the shower, I managed to kick the bottom of the door with surprising strength, and now my middle toe is broken. It’s actually quite a feat. That one middle toe is bruised, red and painful, while the two on either side have escaped unscathed.

You never realise how much you need your middle toe until it causes you pain with every step. My usual power walk to the station has been reduced to a slow limp. It’s quite a sad sight. You have to think about how you’re putting your foot on the ground with every step. Turning it slightly to one side and not the other can make the steps a lot more comfortable. Suddenly what used to be on autopilot is turned to manual.

Then there’s the uncertainty. Will I be able to have a proper dance at the work Christmas party at the end of the week? What shoes can I wear? How long will I be hobbling for; maybe it will go away in a few more days?

Back when I was little, fractures were fairly common for me. I broke my arms a lot . First it was the right one, then the left, and it seemed to rotate throughout primary school. The was a broken finger or two in there as well, but never a broken toe. Thankfully my broken days are (mostly) behind me and my bones seemed to strengthen when I went to secondary school.

Apparently that doesn’t extend to bashing my foot on the shower, though.

So here I am, limping, for a few more days at least. If only I’d looked at my feet before I got in the shower…


Have you ever broken a bone? How did you do it and what was the experience like? 

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  1. December 3, 2017 / 10:19 pm

    I’ve never broken a bone (and I’m so accident-prone I’m not sure how I managed that!). I hope your toe heals quickly, and I’ll be looking carefully at the shower tomorrow morning now

    Steph –