The most expensive thing I ever bought: thoughts on the new MacBook Pro

We’ve all done a bit of splurging in our lives. Booked that holiday when you were already looking forward to another one. Bought the shoes that you were dreaming about for weeks. Or finally decided to buy those headphones, even though your others work perfectly fine.

Today, I did that, though it was a bit more extreme.

What is the most expensive thing that you’ve ever purchased? If you’re lucky, it might be a house, or maybe a car.

For me, it is a MacBook Pro and I could have collapsed on the floor when I put my PIN number in the card reader, seeing that the little screen read a figure that was well over £1,000. It was more expensive that the only car I have ever owned. Yes, this little thing that my fingers are clattering away on to write this is my most expensive purchase to date.

Do I regret it?

When I hit that enter button and saw that the payment had been authorised, I did. I was handed a box (beautifully designed, admittedly) and a carrier bad with an apple logo, and then the sales person had to get on with other customers. I was half worried about what I had done and half worried about being mugged on the way home. Thankfully the latter didn’t happen, and I have been staring at this beautiful creation for the last four hours.

I am in love.

With the stunning interface, the keys that sound like rain pitter pattering on the window as I type, and the miraculous speed by which everything is achieved. A MacBook Pro is certainly a work of art, and I can’t stop the urge to hug it to me every now and then.

This splurge will mean I have to make a few cutbacks. Maybe a few less theatre trip here, and one less weekend away there. But even for someone who is obsessed with holidays, I realise that sometimes it is worth investing in something that will be used everyday, rather than a few incredible days that will soon settle into the depths of your memory. I will use this MacBook everyday, from blogging to video editing, and I can’t wait to get started.

I’ll just have to remember not to look at my bank balance for a while.

What was your most expensive purchase ever? Did you get a bit of regret?

P.S. it’s now several hours later and I’m suffering with a OneDrive issue so not quite as sunny, but it will get sorted!

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