Looking back at a year of Disney vlogging

It’s now been a year since I got out my Canon G7x and vlogged our whole two-week Walt Disney World trip in October 2017. I felt pretty clueless back then. I didn’t know how much footage I was really filming or how to split between shots of what is happening and talking to the camera.

I like to think I’ve become slightly less clueless since then (which is a bit of a shame, as that first ever Disney vlog was my most viewed of all time – I kinda wish it was one I was more proud of). In fact, there’s a lot that I’ve learned through a year of vlogging.

  1. When you’re vlogging the day, your brain never turns off
    Everything is being looked at through slightly different eyes. Would that look good on camera? Should I give an update? When did I last film?
  2. I always have my camera in my hand
    When I’m on holiday, I rarely put my camera in my bag. In fact, it sometimes ends in disaster. Like when I put my pin lanyard and camera in my bag so I could go on Hyperspace Mountain and the lanyard got stuck in the zip. I thought it was the camera strap to start with, which would have been disastrous! As it was, the camera survived but the lanyard and bag did not.
  3. Making an intro is so much fun
    I love being able to sneak a peak at some of my favourite clips and edit them into a quick intro. Then those quick moments are always what reminds me of that holiday.

  4. I don’t look at any other clips until it’s time to edit
    That way, I can’t wait to edit a video because it means I get to watch the clips back for the first time. It’s always so much fun to remember what happened and see the videos.
  5. It’s always hard to know how much I’ve filmed
    I’m really bad at this. Some days, I feel like I’ve filmed loads but it’s only 15 minutes worth, but other times it feels like a normal day but I have almost 40 minutes of footage.


Most of all, I’ve learned that recording videos is the best way to remember an amazing holiday. Photos just aren’t the same. I know that I will look back at them for years to remember all the details of those trips. There’s so much more detail than in photos and blog posts.


So after one who year of vlogging, which is my favourite video that I’ve made?

It probably has to be the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party video because we had the best time ever and I am so happy that I can look back on that evening in such detail.


Now it’s time to look forward to my next year of Disney and holiday vlogs!


  1. November 2, 2017 / 4:05 pm

    I know exactly what you mean! We have been vlogging for almost two years now and we absolutely love it. I wish we would have started sooner. We just let our camera roll throughout the day and capture so many more memories that a still camera alone! I love as I edit during the months after a trip and get to relive those moments that I don’t remember in detail and would probably never remember if the video wasn’t there 🙂 My favorite part is catching the excitement on our faces when we see or experience something new!

    • Lisa Mae
      November 12, 2017 / 6:12 pm

      I am the exact same! Seeing our faces as we come round the corner onto Main Street gets me every time. It’s so worth it from the memories!