Weekly round-up: Disney live music and my London theatre recommendation

I used to do a little thing called a Weekly Round-up on my blog every Sunday, where I’d tell you what I’d been up to that week and basically let you snoop on my life. My life has become busier since then, which has meant that I don’t always have time to find photos and write up my highlights to share. Now I feel a bit out of touch with you all, so I’m going to bring it back. Hopefully it won’t be for one week only!

This week, I’ve consumed more alcohol than I usually do in a month. I write this coming to you from a Costa near my new house, slightly hungover, drinking an innocent smoothie like it might fix my life. Wine can be mean.


Back to my week so far…


On Tuesday I went to see Five Guys Named Mo at a temporary theatre at Marble Arch. I love temporary theatres as they’re always so perfectly themed because they are literally designed around one show, rather than the rotating shows of London’s historical theatres.

Five Guys Named Mo is set in 1930s New Orleans, so, as you can imagine, the themeing in the theatre bar is spot on. The circular bar is like a bandstand, and while everyone is waiting for the show to begin, some of the cast members climb up the stairs to serenade the crowd from the rafters. With a bar like that, how could I resist a few glasses? Immersive theatre is the best.

The performance itself is so much fun. I don’t want to spoil it too much as I highly recommend that you go and experience it for yourself. You can expect tonnes of laughs, big smiles, a sassy cast, fabulous vocals, and incredibly catchy tunes from the live band. I can’t recommend buying a ticket enough.

You can get £23 tickets from the Today Tix app, which is how I book all my theatre tickets. If you use the code ZECIF, you’ll get £10 off your order, too (plus I’ll get £10 off and I’ll love you forever).


I ended up seeing quite a lot of live performances this week, as I went to see Disney Voices perform on Friday night in the Covent Garden church, which I’ve always wanted to go into. This choir is only open to Disney employees, so of course I am very jealous of them all. They sang a mixture of Disney tunes and a few other favourites with a Disney-vibe.

I knew that it would be good when they opened with ‘When you wish upon a star’ and I nearly shed a tear. That song reminds me of the Wishes fireworks show at Magic Kingdom, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

My other favourites included ‘Touch the sky’ from Brave and ‘Circle of life’ from Lion King. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and I’ll definitely look out for their future concerts.


To top off my week, I ended up in pubs on Wednesday and Saturday night and a lovely bar in Marylebone on Friday. Plus, I’m hopefully going to a pub quiz tonight. Oops!


Did you have a good week? I’m going to try and be good next week with a more nights in and hopefully I’ll restrain from theatre tickets for the next seven days. I love live performances too much and living in London has so much temptation!