Tips to get over the post-holiday blues

I’m back off my Disney Cruise and life at home and work doesn’t quite compare to living on the Disney Magic. After counting down to a holiday for so long, I always come home feeling a little bit empty. Of course there are all the happy memories to look back on, but what next?

I get this after every holiday, so I’m used to dealing with it. Here are my top tips to get over the post-holiday blues.

  1. Throw yourself into everyday life 
    Are you at uni? Working? You’ll have had some time away on holiday, so there is usually a lot to catch up on. By putting your effort into doing a great job on your latest projects, you’re channeling your effort into something that is super productive. The sense of achievement at a good job done will be great, and take your mind off your holiday.
  2. Make lots of plans at home
    Is there something you love doing in everyday life? No matter if that’s an evening going swimming, curling up with a movie in bed, or going to see a show, make some time to do something you love. Doing this always reminds me why I love living in London. Since coming home from my cruise, I’ve been to see Evita and I’ve got more tickets for a show next week.
  3. Treat yourself
    Great things happen at home, too! Order yourself your favourite takeaway on a Saturday night, or follow my lead and book lots of theatre tickets. Be kind to yourself in your first few weeks back after your holiday.
  4. Look after yourself and get healthy 
    Endorphins are a magical thing. Everyone tends to put on a few pounds after a holiday as it’s not a proper trip unless you’re feasting on the local dishes. But now it’s back to eating like a normal person. Those few extra pounds will be gone after a few visits to the gym, and the happy feeling after working out will give you a big boost.
  5. Book your next holiday! 
    Nothing can cure the post-holiday blues like booking another trip. Get the countdown going again with a trip booked far in advance. Even if you’ve got a few hundred days to wait, that means you’ve got lots of planning time. Booking a new trip not possible right now? Try counting down to a family event, Christmas, or a birthday. You’ll find that there’s lot to look forward to on the horizon.


I hope that helps you with your post-holiday blues! I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments. I think I need some more tips myself!


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