Disney Channel launch event for new show Andi Mack

Disney Channel kindly invited me to their launch event for new show, Andi Mack, in late August. I was so happy to go along, especially when I heard that crafts were involved. The thing that particularly caught my attention was that this new show is by the creators of Lizzie McGuire, which was one of my favourite programmes growing up. Who didn’t love the Lizzie McGuire movie? And I am very pleased to say that Andi Mack has the same heart and fun plot as this classic.

Watch the vlog to find out more about what the event was like and what I think of Disney Channel’s newest show.

The event was hosted in a gorgeous West End hotel near Tottenham Court Road. I was shown into a small room in the basement to do crafts. We made flower headbands, which involved a lot of glue gun work. It reminded me of making Minnie ears, especially with the copious amounts of glue that was needed. Such fun! I had no direction when I started out, but I soon started making a Moana-inspired flower crown. I think it turned out quite well.

Then it was on to making a little notebook in a design of my choice. It got quite technical with sewing up the spine. I finished off my book just in time for the family-style dinner. There were lots of tasty and fresh dishes to choose from. I tried a bit of almost everything and it was all delicious. After piling my plate with fruit and a creme brulee for desert, it was time to watch the new show.

I was so surprised to see a hidden underground theatre across from the room where we had been crafting. It had comfy chairs, and even raised sofas. It would be a cool place to watch a movie one day. We saw the first two episodes of Andi Mack, with the audience chuckling along at the right moments. I liked that there was more heart and depth in the show than I expected. There is a lot more to the programme than simply following the life of a teenage girl. If the first two episodes are anything to go by, I’m sure that adults will enjoy it almost as much as the kids.

Thank you to Disney Channel for inviting me to the preview. It was a lovely evening.

What were your favourite childhood TV shows?