Home of the Bakewell Tart | Peak District Staycation

Sweet tooth? Then you’ve surely heard of – and tried – the classic English Bakewell Tarts. Ever wanted to go to the home of this iconic treat? Look no further than the small market town of Bakewell in the Peak District.

I visited during our trip to the Peaks. Most of my favourite small towns and villages have a cute river or stream winding through, but Bakewell is enchanting enough without any water. It’s an easy maze of stone buildings with hidden-away tea rooms and souvenir shops, plus beautifully maintained gardens.

We managed to find a coveted parking spot in the centre of town and set off to explore on foot. My favourite part was the gardens, just off the main roundabout that lorries struggled to get around. They have beautiful flowers and colours, and it’s all perfectly landscaped and kept.

If you’re a fan of independent cafes, Bakewell is perfect. There are copious bakeries, many claiming that they have the ‘original’ or ‘best’ Bakewell Tarts in town. Explore some of the hidden-away courtyards to find the cutest eateries. Lots of them have outdoor seating, perfect for summer.

There was a cute craft fair on in the town on the day we visited. I was tempted by some affordable patterned scarves and adorable hair bows.

If you’re a fan of pretty old buildings like I am, then you’ll have a lot of fun snapping the houses and shops. I love all their old signs and traditional look.

If you’re in the Peaks any time soon, I definitely recommend a stop at Bakewell. It’s a good base if you want to explore the nearby Chatsworth House, or a good place to pop to for a cup of tea and a sweet treat.

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