Cutest tea rooms in Matlock Bath | Peak District Staycation

Is there anything better than a week off work in the summer? Maybe when I get to leave behind the hustle and bustle of London and exchange it for the peace and quiet of home in Shropshire with my family.

This year, we decided to go on a mini break to the Peak District. We stayed in the spa town of Buxton and used it as a base to visit some beautiful towns and villages throughout the National Park. It was a great two days and we discovered some lovely places that I can’t wait to share with you.

The first town we stopped off at was Matlock Bath, a spa village which winds along the curve of the River Derwent. A highlight are the quiet cable cars that cross the river and road, going up to a cliff top with lots of tourist attractions. It’s called the Heights of Abraham, and started as a Victorian attraction where tourists would wind up steep steps to enjoy the views and caves at the top. Now the main draw is the cable car itself. It’s definitely a novelty.

If you like fish and chips, you’re in the right place. There are so many fish bars, each tempting you closer with the delicious smell of chips frying.

We opted for a slightly lighter option, and one more appropriate for midday. ‘When the clock strikes 3’ is a cute tea room with adorable design and heavenly slices of homemade cake. It has a few outdoor tables, and since the weather was not awful, we decided to snap one up.

Dad and I opted for bacon and egg breakfast cobs (a delicious bread roll) with local ingredients, while my mum and sister opted for carrot cake and a slice of Victoria sponge. They picked their cakes inside, but no-one was expecting the portion sizes to be quite so large. Derbyshire definitely doesn’t skimp on their slices!

Everything was delicious, and it was lovely to sit and watch the world go by. There were lots of tourists mingling around, enjoying the atmosphere and the cute shops, but it also felt like a place that locals still enjoy visiting.

We spent a few hours in Matlock Bath before journeying further into the Peak District. The river is very picturesque, and trees cover every inch of the hillside around the town. We even saw some people doing a canoe slalom downriver.

I’ll have reviews of other nearby areas coming to the blog soon, so stay tuned.

Where is your favourite National Park in the UK?