How much make-up do you wear to work?

Recently, this has question has been sticking in my brain. How many people wear make-up to work? Do most people do their normal routine every morning? The more that I realised that a lot of people wore no make-up at all, the more that sounded appealing for me. So this week I’ve been doing a little experiment.

I already don’t wear any eye make-up to work, and there’s a good reason for this. My eyelashes are quite long, and it’s impossible to wear mascara without it rubbing off a bit under my eyes, giving an unappealing zombie look. At the weekends and when I’m doing something fun, this is very manageable, but I can never be bothered when it’s 7am on a Monday morning. So I have my unframed eyes, but all my foundation and powder usually finished off as usual before work every day.

But this week, the foundation has gone.

Now I’m left with a lot of concealer to cover up those under eye bags and spots, plus a bit of powder to set it. I’m still not super confident with it so I’ve had a bit of bronzer on as well to stave off all the ‘are you feeling alright’ comments. Why do people always ask that whenever I’m not wearing make-up?

Next week, I’m already planning to drop the bronzer and my skin is already starting to feel happier.

I do have to say that I would go back to my old routine if I’m doing anything in the evening, but other than that, I’m converted! Though there’s one thing I have to wear every single day, no matter what – a bit of lippy! My lips don’t feel comfy without it.

At the end of the day, you’re going to concentrate and work hard for eight hours – you might as well do it feeling comfortable. I think there has been a preconceived standard for many years that women should wear a full face of make-up to the office, ideally with a smart outfit and heels. Now it’s time to take it back and do whatever makes us most happy, no matter if that’s walking into work looking perfectly made up, or turning up in trainers to subtly change under the desk.

Do you wear make-up to work, and is it a lot or a little? Do you ever feel like you should wear make-up?