Disneyland Paris July 2017 | Highlights and top tips

I’m back! One busy schedule has meant that I’ve been out of the blogging game, but it’s now business as usual.

Not only am I back to Faraway Lisa Mae, but I’m back from my short holiday to Disneyland as well. Of course that means new photos, new stories, and – of course – new vlogs that are already trickling onto my YouTube channel.

So what did we get up to in this trip? Whave have I learned on my second proper trip, and what can I share with you?


This was our first stay at the Hotel B&B, which is one of the Disneyland partner hotels. This means it’s a 10-minute bus drive from the gates of the parks. There are five hotels that use the same bus service, which means it can be incredibly crowded at peak times. Continental Europe is not the place for a polite queue, so be prepared to squash and be shoved.

Busy buses aside, this is a great hotel. It’s clean and new (it was only built a few years ago). The staff are helpful and polite. The breakfast is fine. It’s a true continental breakfast with croissants, breads, jams, ham and cheese. There are two cereal options. They try to trick you into thinking they have hot food in silver trays, but it’s actually endless hard boiled eggs. They don’t taste good. Compared to my last trip, the breakfast at the Kyriad hotel was much better. Overall, though, I would definitely come back to the Hotel B&B. The beds were really comfy and it was peaceful, apart from one school group that didn’t want to go to bed one night!


25th anniversary 

I am so glad that Disneyland Paris are continuing their 25th anniversary shows and parades for the foreseeable future. The castle shows are so cute, the parade gets better and better. As well as re-opening Mickey and the Magician for the 25th anniversary, Forest of Enchantment has also returned recently. I love this show. The original music is so catchy and unlike Disney World, all of the singing is performed live. As a musical theatre fan, I absolutely love this and it makes me enjoy the show a lot more. Merida is always a highlight – her song gets me every single time.


Opening times 

On this trip we didn’t have access to Extra Magic Hours as Alice’s annual pass does not have them included. Both theme parks officially open at 10am each day, however, the gates open a lot earlier than that.

For the Disneyland Park, normal guests can get in from around 9.30am. This means you can queue for the characters on Main Street and go in the shops from that time. Fantasyland opens at 8am for Extra Magic Hours, and to get in here you’ll need to show a room key or annual pass. Other people can queue up to get in the other lands – obviously the best is Frontierland to rush on Big Thunder Mountain! Then the rope drops at 10am exactly.

In the Studios, you can get into all areas of the park from around 9.30am. The main difference is that some rides open a lot earlier. This is because they don’t have Extra Magic Hours here, so they want to start getting people on the biggest rides as early as possible. If you want to get on Crush’s Coaster, my favourite ride in the park, definitely get there for around 9.30am as they start running it very early. We managed to get on it twice by 11am, once in the regular time and once in single rider. Not bad when you consider that it’s usually an hour or more to queue once.

Other rides here don’t open until 10am, so be aware that you might have to wait still.


Fastpasses – and when they stop 

Paper Fastpasses can be a real pain. Only one at a time and you have to walk to the ride to pick it up, and then remember the time and come back. Effort. Therefore, I’m not the biggest user of Fastpasses is Disneyland.

Did you know that Fastpasses stop at 10pm, even though the park closes at 11pm? This means that the queues practically halve in length as soon as the clock strikes 10pm because no-one is using the Fastpass line anymore. It meant that we got to go on Big Thunder in half an hour instead of the usual hour or more.


That’s all for now! Let me know if you have any questions about this trip and I’ll be happy to help if you’re visiting soon!

I’ll leave you with the first of my vlog series. Enjoy!