Should you go to the cinema, theatre, on holiday, or to a restaurant on your own?

Some people are naturally more independent than others. While some people will happily travel the world on their own, others will rarely venture to the restroom without any company. I’m here to tell you why you should never worry about doing what you want to on your own. Most importantly, you should never let the opinions and availability of others dictate what you do.

Basically, if you want to go and see something at the cinema, make sure you get yourself a ticket, no matter who is with you.

In recent years, I think attitudes towards people spending time alone has changed. We live increasingly independent lives, sometimes choosing to communicate over social media and texts rather than meeting up in person. Obviously nothing ever compares to spending time with your loved ones, but sometimes it’s good to schedule in some time to enjoy being alone, too.

My friends tend to have very busy schedules, so booking over a week in advance to do anything is fairly mandatory. So what if you want to do something new or see the latest craze right now?

Go on your own!

I’ve been to see so many things on my own over the years, mostly theatre shows and films. Every now and then there’s a new release that I absolutely have to see as soon as possible, rather than waiting for someone to be free. And did you know that single theatre tickets can be highly reduced? Pick up a bargain and treat yourself. I tried this in June and got myself a single ticket to Dreamgirls the Musical for only £23, even though the standard price was more than double.

I find that theatre trips on my own can be really relaxing and peaceful. You’re surrounded by thousands of other people, but as soon as the curtain rises, everyone is quiet and attentive as one. There’s so much to keep you entertained, from reading the programme before the show starts, to getting ice cream at the interval – plus there’s always a chance to chat in the long queue for the loo!

I also love solitary trips into London on a Sunday when everyone is relaxing at home. I recently discovered the British Museum on one of these outings, and I couldn’t believe how much history they have contained in one beautiful building. It was a great afternoon, and definitely worth the trip.

So next time you can’t find anyone else that wants to see that movie or try out that new restaurant that you’ve heard so much about, it doesn’t matter. You can book in some you-time and treat yourself. Once you’ve tried it, I’m sure you’ll find yourself popping off to all sorts of places.

Do you like have time to yourself? Would you ever skip seeing a new film or going to the theatre because you don’t have anyone to go with?