I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22 | What was 22 really like?

Isn’t it funny how a year can seem to last forever, but not very long at all at the same time? That’s what my 22nd year has felt like. It’s weird to think that this time last year I was living in a horrible house share in west London, coming up to my one year anniversary of working full-time. A lot has changed since then – thankfully! This year has definitely been one of huge highs and massive lows. One thing is definitely for sure; I’m so much better at coping with both ends of the spectrum now.

Here are some of my highlights, and I’ll even throw in a few lowlights to prove that everything isn’t perfect all the time.


First of all, this age was when I started vlogging. I can’t imagine going on holiday without my faithful Canon G7x in my hand at all times. As well as starting my YouTube channel properly, it has meant that I have more to look back on and remember my 22nd year than any other.

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I went to Walt Disney World in Florida in October with my younger sister. We went all-out, with great hotels and a dining package in Disney. It was a holiday I will never forget.

I also got to visit Rome this year, and it was incredible to see a city with so much history around every corner. While it is hugely aimed at tourists, there is no denying that this is a place that everyone has to see in their life.

More recently, I went with friends to Disneyland Paris. This trip completely changed my opinion of the parks closest to my home. I’m definitely a convert now, and with my annual pass valid until April 2018, I’m sure my 23rd year will bring a lot more Paris trips.


Home and work 

My living situation took a huge upward turn when I moved out of a houseshare and into a beautiful flat with my best friend in September 2016. It immediately improved my overall happiness, even though it does add 15 minutes to my commute everyday. I live in a better area now, with great access to shops and restaurants.

I’ve managed to hold down my job for 12 more months! My second year anniversary of working for the company is coming up soon and I’m still enjoying it. Working there for so long means I have a much greater understanding of everything that goes on. Now, I’m normally the person answering the questions rather than asking them. Adulting, much?

There are definite downsides here, too. A 45 minute commute means I don’t get home until nearly 7pm everyday, which is very tiring and doesn’t leave me with much time to do what I want.



Vlogging has becoming a major force in my life now. I loved video editing when I studied journalism at university, and that has definitely reentered my life with YouTube now. It’s definitely something that I want to carry on into my 23rd year – as well as continuing my blog, of course.

With my blog, I’ve been so happy to see more brands approaching more for collaborations this year. When I started blogging, I assumed they would struggle to pick me out of the sea of bloggers, but it’s so good to know that my hard work is being recognised every now and then. Recently, I’ve found it more difficult to keep up with posting as much as I used to due to being out a lot and keeping to a strict YouTube schedule. I really hope that this is something I can work on when I’m 23.


I was in an all-female choir when I turned 22, but I decided to give it up around Christmas. I was looking for something new, and I think I’ve found the perfect new group of singers. It’s a male and female choir, which is quite different for me, but it looks like it will be good fun, so that’s something to keep myself occupied with in my 23rd year.


My running has gone from strength to strength this year. I even ran my first half marathon in September, which was possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done.



This has definitely been a year of friends made and friends lost. As I said in my post on friendships recently, these sorts of things happen for a reason. I’m so glad that I can go into the coming year knowing that I can trust my London friends with anything and that I’ve got more distant friends to confide in. It was great to go to Disneyland Paris with a group of new friends, and I know our love of Disney is going to mean we keep in touch for a long time.


The future sounds pretty bright, doesn’t it? My lucky number is actually 23 because I was born on the 23rd May, so I’m confident that there are going to be lots of good surprises in the 12 months ahead.

How has your current age been treating you? Is your birthday coming up? What do you expect from the next year? 


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