Drama strikes at Disney World on our last full day

disney world photo of me

It seems like we can’t go more than a few days between drama at Disney World. Between a broken phone screen and today’s issue, we weren’t doing too well.

Why not watch the video and then read on to find out more about our Disney drama?

On day 13 (superstitious, much?), we woke up surrounded by centipedes. After getting into the room at midnight the night before, we had noticed a lot of these insects crawling around. There were absolutely everywhere outside and since there was a wide gap underneath our door, they were coming in to enjoy our hotel room as well. I tried my best to protect the room, stuffing towels and spraying excess insect repellent under the door, but nothing worked.

In hindsight, I wish I had demanded to change rooms on that evening. It was so late that we called for pest control, mostly packed our suitcases, and waited. They didn’t show up so we went to sleep. I barely got a wink of sleep that night. My dreams were infested with creepy crawlies. We had seen them crawling up the walls so it was fair to assume that they could get into our beds. What a horrible thought.

In the morning, I had enough. I called guest services and demanded to move rooms. They obliged without much of an apology. We called Bell Services to move our cases for us as we had an 8am early breakfast reservation at Crystal Palace, which is one of my favourite restaurants in the whole of Disney World so there was no way I was going to miss it.

We managed to enjoy the morning, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the safety of our bags so we popped back to the resort to find them exactly where they should be in a second floor room, safely away from the bugs. And breathe!

As this was our last full day at Disney, we didn’t want to waste a second by trying to complain. Instead, I decided to file a formal complaint when we returned home. I sent Guest Services an email and received a reply around five days later. They wanted to call me. We arranged a time and I spoke to a very kind lady on the phone who showed me sympathy, which was a lot more than we received from Caribbean Beach. At the end of the call, she offered us five nights free at any Disney Moderate Resort on our next stay. It doesn’t have an expiry date so we can use it on our next trip. It was a lot more than I had expected. Really, I wanted someone to acknowledge that we weren’t being unreasonable and there should have been a better response from the staff. Now that I had that, the free nights were a – very generous – bonus.

Will I stay at Caribbean Beach Resort again? Probably not. Will I always demand rooms off the ground floor in future? Without a shadow of a doubt.

I am really thankful to Disney Guest Relations for sorting our problem and restoring my faith in this amazing company. Thankfully, we didn’t let the incident dampen our spirits and enjoyed an incredible day in Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

Have you had a bad experience at a hotel in the past? Tell me what happened in the comments!