Boutique hostel tucked away in central London | Event review

As soon as I stepped through the door of Generator London, tucked away in a residential area only a stone’s throw from King’s Cross, I felt like I’d become a tourist. It’s strange to be surrounded by people exploring my city, but it automatically made me feel excited, remembering all the hostels I’ve stayed in around the world.

Generator isn’t a normal hostel, though. It’s fair to say that it’s a lot more clean, innovative, and pretty than a lot of the places that I have stayed in. With lots of social areas, including a piano for anyone to put on a show, this is a social space for London travellers.

So why was I pretending to be a tourist for the evening? Generator invited a handful of London bloggers to find out about the hostels around Europe, give cocktail making a try, and even flip a few pancakes on camping stoves. It was an unusual evening filled with chats, laughs and stiff drinks. Sounds perfect, right?

We started off with cocktail making. We gathered around to watch mixology experts crafting a sour cocktail, which includes egg, and an Old Fashioned with a twist. Putting raw egg into a cocktail feels odd. Surely I couldn’t be trusted to make a drink like this? Not to be discouraged, I gave it a go and it tasted yummy. My favourite part of this first cocktail was the foam on top, which is created when the egg is shaken twice. We added some brown sugar and finished it off with a blow torch. Clearly someone trusts me!

The Old Fashioned was a more simple drink to mix, and it was also a fair bit stronger. We got to pour the mixed drink into cute little glasses encased in pink and white card. After adding some caramel popcorn, it looked like we were sneaking sips out of a popcorn box. Is it acceptable to do this next time I go to the cinema?

Next, it was onto pancake flipping. We didn’t have a huge amount of batter, so every pancake was precious. Somehow I managed to flip my attempt without issue and it was delicious with fresh raspberries and blueberries – as well as a generous helping of Nutella. By the end of the night we had managed to flip pancakes onto the flames not once, but twice. Slight fire hazard there.

After all that fun, some bloggers went off on a bar crawl around Camden and others headed to the bar for more drinks and food. Sadly, I had to leave so couldn’t enjoy the bunks in the dorm rooms. There was one last chance to look around at the creative decor before I left. My favourite features included the communal piano – I heard someone tinkling the keys while we were making pancakes – and the fact that the DJ booth is in a red bus. It’s definitely unique.

Even though I couldn’t stay over, I am sure that I’ll be looking out for a Generator hostel next time I am travelling. Bring on the newest opening in Miami!

Thank you to Generator for hosting me for the evening.

Are you a fan of hostels? Where is your favourite? 

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