Typhoon Lagoon, ‘Ohana and Eat to the Beat | Disney vlog behind-the-scenes

This week’s vlog might look like we’re slacking a bit. It appears that we casually go to ‘Ohana for an incredible evening meal, followed by an evening at Epcot. But what did we do for the rest of the day? Sleep?

In fact, a lot of our day did not get captured in the vlog. We started off at Typhoon Lagoon, going on all the slides and enjoying the wave pool for a few hours. I didn’t want to risk having my camera stolen from a locker or swallowed up in the wave pool, so I took the morning off vlogging.

Have a watch of this week’s vlog, then read on for all my tips, tricks and to hear about Typhoon Lagoon.

Typhoon Lagoon Tips 

This waterpark opens a lot later than the main parks. We were used to being up and out to arrive at the parks for 8.30am at the latest, but Typhoon didn’t open until 10am. Annoyingly, there are no longer direct buses from resorts to the waterparks – or there weren’t any in October, at least. This meant we had to catch a ride to Disney Springs and then wait for a connecting bus to Typhoon Lagoon. We wanted to be there for opening so set off over an hour before because we expected to wait ages for each bus. Typically, one arrived at Caribbean Beach almost straight away so we ended up being very early and caught the first bus of the day from Disney Springs to the park.

Overall, I recommend giving yourself an hour to get to Typhoon Lagoon via Disney resort bus. However, I definitely recommend getting an Uber even more. A taxi would have taken a quarter of the time – Caribbean Beach is literally on the same road as Typhoon – and would have only cost around $5-$8. That’s money well spent when you want to maximise your holiday time.

But what about the park itself?

Renting a locker was really easy, and there were lots of changing cubicles available in the morning. The Cast Members hold people near the entrance until the official opening time. A lovely person told us about a secret entrance through the lockers while we were waiting. If you go all the way through the lockers, there’s a rope that is right by the Crush ‘n Gusher. These are the ‘water rollercoasters’ that always have the biggest queues. By entering here, we got to ride all three of the slides – and our favourite one twice – within the first 15 minutes of the park opening. There’s nothing like an adrenaline rush to start the day.

From there, we quickly worked our way around the park. We had two dips into the wave pool as it is so much fun. Riding the wave before it breaks is the best.

Then we did all the tame waterslides, including the family raft ride which was actually quite cosy! When it comes to water slides, we aren’t thrill seekers so we skipped the storm slides, which are really fast drops, took one more ride on the Crush ‘n Gusher, and we were done. Neither of us enjoy sunbathing, and especially not when the whole of Disney World is waiting to be explored.

Luckily on the return journey the buses to Disney Springs are very regular, but the transport back to the resort was not.

Overall we had a great morning at Typhoon Lagoon. By getting there early, we managed to do everything in under three hours, giving us plenty of time to do other activities later in the day. Definitely make time for this if you are staying for longer than a week and if waterparks are included in your tickets.



This is one of our favourite restaurants in the whole of Disney World, and it definitely did not disappoint. We even had a (distant) view of the Cinderella Castle from our table. The Cast Members here are particularly amazing. They’re all so friendly, welcoming and they bring endless food to your table. What’s not to love?


Eat to the Beat concerts

Every time Epcot puts on a festival, they usually have special performances on the stage in the American pavillion. During Food & Wine, these are the Eat to the Beat concerts. We had a look at the performers before we left the UK and one name immediately stood out: Chaka Kahn. We love all of her woman-power belters from back in the day so we moved our plans to make sure we could see her 45-minute show.

As an FYI, they start a long line of people wanting to see the show from the right hand side of the theatre, so make sure you walk through via Mexico to get the best spot in the line. We didn’t realise this, waited on the other side, and weren’t let in until everyone in the official line had taken their seats. This was slightly annoying, but the theatre is quite small so everyone has a good view.

This was so worth the trip. Her vocals were incredible live, and we loved the backing singers and band as well. If you were ever a fan of the performers here, definitely take the time to come and see them perform live.



That’s it for Day 10! I told you it was busy, even though it didn’t seem like it was at first. Are you a waterpark fan? Where is your favourite place to eat in Disney? 

See you next week!

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