Food & Wine Festival at a busy Epcot day | Disney vlog behind-the-scenes

Food. Wine. Two of my favourite things. Disney had the great idea to put both together and turn it into a festival quite a few years ago, and now the Epcot Food & Wine Festival draws thousands of people everyday. It runs for several months in the autumn, and is particularly busy on weekends as the locals come to Disney World to taste their way around the world. We had a great afternoon of choosing dishes.

Also on Day 9, we went for a long walk around the Boardwalk. This is another place that is more popular on evenings and weekends, but it’s a lovely and peaceful place to be at any time of the day or week.

To wrap up the day, we ticked a dining experience off our Disney bucket list and ate next to the water at the San Angel Inn at the Mexico Pavillion.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at my new vlog and then come back for my tips and tricks below.

Food & Wine Tips

As I mentioned before, weekdays are the quietest times to experience Epcot festivals. These are popular with locals who are usually at work during the week, so you’ll only have to queue up with other tourists.

At peak times and with particularly popular food booths, you will likely wait 10-20 minutes to pick up a dish. Don’t be put off, though, as the Cast Members are hugely efficient and lines move quickly.

The best part about Food & Wine for us was that we could use our snack credits to pay for all the tasting portions. We selected cuts of steak that were worth over $7 for the cost of only one snack credit. It is incredible value and we were full after only a handful of shared portions.

Don’t forget to pick up all the festival literature as you walk into the park. It has a full menu in a ‘passport’, complete with sticks to put next to the booths that you attended. It’s a really cute memento.


Boardwalk walkin’ 

After the madness of World Showcase during Food & Wine, the Boardwalk is the perfect escape. You can catch the boat from just outside the international gateway (and entrance and exit to Epcot between the UK and France pavilions) right up to the Boardwalk and other hotels, or catch it all the way to Hollywood Studios. This is a relaxing way to travel and gives your feet a quick rest.

One mistake we made was walking too far. Instead of feeling relaxed, my knee started to give up and I had to hobble over to the first aid station to get painkillers.

Walk a bit, sit a bit, enjoy the view and then catch the boat back. You’ll surely feel revitalised after a long morning in a busy theme park.


That’s all, folks! Hope you enjoyed the vlog. Have you been to an Epcot festival before? What did you think? Which one in the year would you most like to go to? 

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