Best Borough Market food and a day out with mum | weekly round-up

One week down, 51 to go! How has 2017 been treating you so far? I’ve an all-over-the-place week, but there are definitely some highlights to share.

You may have seen my horrified tweets about the fact that I’d managed to bring my dad’s laptop back to London after Christmas instead of my own. They’re both the same model in the exact same shade, so it’s an easier mistake to make than you might think. Long story short, mum decided to come to visit me in London on Friday to do the great laptop exchange of 2017. I showed her around a bit while she was here.

I also got back into reading this week. Read on and all shall be revealed.

London day out with mum 

Going from our hometown to London and back again in a day is quite a feat, so we didn’t have a huge amount of time together on Friday but we made the most of it.

After a quick stop at Westfield shopping centre, we got the tube to London Bridge to go to Borough Market. Mum had never heard of this place, let alone visited, and she loved it. What’s not to love, anyway? They have oodles of fresh produce from local sources. It’s all so colourful. Gorgeous smells waft around every corner, tempting you to try the offerings from every stall.


We managed to hold off for a while until we couldn’t resist the fresh scotch eggs and sweet potato fries at Scotchtails. It’s in the area with lots of different street food stalls. We nearly decided against the sweet potato fries, but I’m so glad we didn’t. They were the best I’d ever tasted. Truly scrumptious!

Next, we went for a walk around Soho. Sadly, the heavens opened so we rushed from Wholefoods to Kingly Court to Liberty while huddling under my umbrella.

As mum’s train home was in the evening, we had an early dinner at my ultimate burger fav – Patty & Bun. Yum! After all that walking and eating, we relaxed in the Starbucks at the top of Selfridges for a while until it was time to head to Euston to wave mum off on her train.

It was a really quick visit, but I always love showing people some of my favourite spots in the city.




This week has been bereft of reading material, so I spent the last of my Christmas cash in WH Smiths at the weekend. These two look like great reads, though they’ve definitely made me realise that all my favourite books are set in the past. Am I getting old?

So far, I’ve started Circling the Sun by Paula McLain. I didn’t realise when I bought the book that it’s a fictionalised account of a real woman. Beryl Markham was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic from East to West, and this is the story of her life before the flight that made her famous.




I’ve loved all the inspirational content and goal-orientated blogs going around this week. Everyone is smashing it! Here are a few of my favourite posts:

Kara Willow – I’m always on the look out for new food places in London, and Kara went to a brunch spot this week that sounded delicious. If I’m ever near Balham on a weekend, I’ll definitely take a look.

Megan Jean – There’s a lot more to Florida than theme parks, and Megan definitely shows that in this blog. I’ve always dreamed of owning a Floridian house that backs out onto a waterway, and there are plenty in this post.

Love In Modern Life – As I mentioned today, I’m getting back into reading for the year. I haven’t set any solid targets, but this blog has definitely inspired me to get reading as much as possible.


How have you coped with going back to work this week? I can’t say I enjoyed the end of Christmas and the start of another year of work, but I got through it. Friday’s adventures certainly helped. I’ve got some exciting things coming up over the next week, so stay tuned. 

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