Musicals galore and uni friends reunited | weekly round-up

It’s been a busy week to say the least! The days of relaxing at home are behind me and instead I realised that I’d double booked myself over the weekend. My uni friends were coming down to London to visit, and as were two new friends that I’d made at the recent Disney London meet-up. I think I needed another weekend at the end of that to chill out after all the madness!

As if day-seating for Wicked and watching it from the front row wasn’t enough for one week, I also went to a preview performance of Half A Sixpence. It blew me away.

Read on to find out what I thought…

Disney friends going to see Wicked 

Even though I had only met Carrie and Sabrina at the Disney Meet-Up in Hyde Park a few months back, I invited them to stay for the night so that we could get the best seats to Wicked. I’ve seen this musical three times before but never from the front row. I knew that it would be worth getting up at 6.15am and queuing outside the theatre from 7.30am, but I started to forget that when I was freezing to death outside in the glorious November weather.

If you don’t know already, the theatre release all the front row seats to people who come to the box office when it opens every day. Naturally there’s a high demand for this, so we had to get there two and a half hours in advance to make sure we got the seats that we wanted.


The hours passed quickly and before long we were given front row seats in the middle section of the theatre for £30. I knew that the front row would be amazing, but I didn’t realise just how incredible it would be.

It felt like the rest of the audience had melted away and the entire show was being performed just for us. The vocals are always incredible in this show, but being that close to the action made it even better. I may have cried… five times. Whoops. There’s something about good vocals that make my eyes leak!

I will definitely never forget that experience, and it was so great to be able to share it with Carrie, a fully-fledged Wicked obsessive, and Sabrina, who had never seen it before.


Uni friends reunited 

After waving goodbye to my Disney friends, I was straight off for a sleepover with all of my uni girls. It was so great to catch up over a few drinks, followed by a full English breakfast the following morning.



Half A Sixpence 

Even though I’d already been to the theatre three days before, we had a voucher for £25 best available seats during the previews of Half A Sixpence so I couldn’t resist. My housemate Beth and I decided to go two days before opening night, which meant that the show was practically perfect. We were offered seats right in the middle of the third row of the Royal Circle, which meant our view was incredible, too.

halfasixp-e-nce-selfie half-a-sixpence

I knew absolutely nothing about this show when I sat down that evening. Now, I love it. The energy was great and the dancing was exceptional. The story is simple and sweet, with the songs and choreography making it memorable. I would definitely go again and I hope it has a very long run in the West End.


That’s it for this week! Hopefully my next one will be a bit more relaxed. How did you week treat you? 

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