Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – is it worth the money?

I’ve never been one to pay more for extra events in Disney World, and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) has always been one of them. Isn’t Magic Kingdom great enough without having to pay another $100 to stay in for a few hours more?

This time, I have to hold my hands up and say that I was wrong. This evening was easily my favourite of the whole trip. Yes, it is a lot of money – around £75 with the poor exchange rate – but it might just have been worth it. This is why.

As soon as we left our hotel room in our costumes, the evening felt special. Parents at the bus stop were telling their kids that we were the ‘real’ characters and Alice made friends with a little girl who thought she was actually Alice in Wonderland. It was so cute.

We arrived at Magic Kingdom over two hours before the party officially started so that we could get all the photos we wanted. It already felt exclusive, with party guests allowed on the backstage corridor to pick up the first of the Halloween candy and the treat bags.


To make the most of our limited time, we had a plan of attack. We absolutely had to meet the Winnie the Pooh characters, so we headed to join the line at 6.30pm, half an hour before the party officially started. Meeting these four together has always been a bit of a dream, so we were on a massive high after this. We rushed over to get in line for Alice and the Mad Hatter next. Even though you can meet these two normally, Alice had to get a photo of her dressed up as Alice in Wonderland with the two of them.

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We decided to watch the late parade, so we headed over to Storybook Circus afterwards. The best candy stop in the park was here and the Cast Members were generous with the amount of sweets that they gave out. Bags suitably full, we had a quick look at everyone meeting the seven dwarfs and Cruella de Vil, and then joined the line to meet Minnie, Donald and Daisy in their Halloween outfits. Lots of sweets were eaten while we were in the queue. In hindsight, I would have probably chosen Cruella instead of these three, even though they were very cute.

After that, we headed over to Main Street to buy a souvenir pin and stake out a spot for the fireworks. As it would be our only chance to see HalloWishes, we wanted to get a perfect spot. We actually didn’t need to be ready for this as early as the crowds were a lot smaller than I expected so we got an incredible view and the fireworks were truly spectacular.


We rushed forwards to the stage afterwards, ready for the Hocus Pocus Villian Spelltacular show. For some unknown reason, they had to stop halfway through. Thankfully we had seen the second half of the show as we were waiting for the fireworks but it was still really disappointing.

Then it was time for the late parade. We settled down with some popcorn in Frontierland with a great view. I absolutely adored this parade. It was the highlight of the night. The costumes and concepts are very clever. My favourite part is definitely the sparks that the gravediggers create with their spades; it looked amazing in the darkness. Lots of characters picked us out of the crowd, too.


As you can imagine, we were almost dead on our feet at this point. We made a few more candy stops to top-up our bags and then headed out at 11.50pm, ten minutes before the party ended.

Overall, I think we did pretty well with the amount that we managed to fit in. The truth is that there are only five hours of the party, and with character meet-and-greet wait times being over 45 minutes, plus a 20-minute parade, 30-minute show and 15 minutes of fireworks to see, it’s impossible to fit everything in. We gave it our best shot and did everything that we wanted to.

It was an amazing evening. We felt special from start to finish and being able to dress up in a Disney park as an adult took me back to my childhood.

Would I do it again? 100% yes. I wish I could go back next year!


Have you ever been to MNSSHP? What did you think? If not, who would you like to meet the most?

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