Back to London with a thud and escaping to the country | weekly round-up

I always knew that the first week back in the UK after being in Florida for two weeks would be tough. After actively looking forward to this holiday every day for at least the last year, it feels so weird that it’s over. Rather than a gentle slope back into the world of work, I came back to reality with a bang. Work was stressful and tough all week, the weather was freezing cold, and jet lag was making me constantly tired.

Life isn’t a fairytale any more!

To try and postpone the inevitable, I was a bit frivolous with my remaining days off and used one on Friday. I booked a train ticket to escape the city and spent a long weekend back home with my family instead. Weekends back home in the Midlands tend to involve lots of movies, lots of food and lots of cuddles with Poppy the Westie!

Here’s how it all unfolded.


Weekend at home

After a long day at work, waiting for the next off-peak train and then a three-hour trip home isn’t exactly ideal. After a delayed second train, we eventually pulled into the station at around 10.30pm. After all that, I definitely needed a chilled out Friday. While everyone was at work, I watched ‘Joy’ on Sky Movies – which I loved rather a lot – with Poppy the dog on the sofa with me.


I had a bit of a Boots haul while I was there and got some winter running clothes so I’ve got no excuse to stay indoors all season. I tried a NYX lipstick and I’m a bit in love with it!

I also did a spot of baking while I was home, making the most out of Alice’s Mickey Mouse cookie cutter. Since I was at home, I also used her apron, kitchen aid, and all her ingredients… Might as well make the most of it!

After a few home-cooked meals and a lot of time following the dog around the house, desperately trying to get her to play with me, it was time to head back to the big smoke, feeling a lot more relaxed that I did before.



A car-crash style evening 

While I was on holiday in Disney, I tragically dropped my phone and the screen completely smashed. It’s proof that non-magical things can definitely happen in the place where magic lives. I finally had time to get the screen repaired, and unfortunately decided to use Geek Squad at Carphone Warehouse. They have the worst customer service I’ve come across in a long time. The only person serving customers – the other two smugly walked past the long line to go home – was the slowest human I’ve ever seen. It was like he was stuck in slow motion. In all, it took about 30 minutes in the queue to drop off my phone, and after the Carphone Warehouse people decided to let someone push in the line, I was waiting for over 45 minutes to pick up my phone. It was mind-numbing.

Not ideal!

After all that, I was really late to meet some friends in TGI Fridays. It can nearly always cheer me up, but we seemed to have come on a weird evening. At least I had my friends to lighten the mood!


Hopefully this week will prove to be a lot more optimistic than the last.



Life of Kitty – I love wearing my glasses, though they can be a real pain at times. It always most annoying when I’m opening up the oven to check how my food is doing. I can’t see a thing with all the steam! Kitty knows my struggles, and blogged about it. Give it a read if you’re a fellow glasses fan.

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What a not-great week. But can’t expect much better when I’m not in Disney any more. How did yours go?

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