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I love to travel, though funds and home commitments mean that I can’t be jetting around the globe every week. As disappointing as that is, all the time that I spend at home means that I can spend more time dreaming of my many trips abroad in the future. Top of my list is a road trip through Canada, though I don’t think I’ve quite got my head around how expansive the country is and quite how many hours I’ll have to spend in a car!

Today, a cultural hub in Indonesia has caught my eye. It’s not a part of the world that I’ve visited before, but South East Asia is on nearly every bucket list.

Even though I can barely pronounce the name, Yogyakarta definitely looks like it will be worth a visit one day. Here’s what I’d love to see and do when I get there.

Merapi Volcano 

I was always a fan of Geography at school and volcanoes have always fascinated me. This one erupted as recently as 2010, destroying homes, and is officially Indonesia’s most active volcano. Since it erupts every 5-10 years, visitors to the site must be feeling brave! Tourists wanting to head up the mountain will have to pay for a tour, but the jeep tours seem to be widely available and are reasonably priced. I’ll definitely have to gather the courage to go as far up this active volcano as possible.



Sewu Temple

This stunning ancient building is part of one of the largest groups of Buddist Temples in the whole of Indonesia. Sadly the temple was damaged in an earthquake, which are quite common in the area, so it is currently being renovated by teams of professionals. It was built around the year 792 AD, so it’s quite impressive that it’s still standing at all!



Goa Jomblang

A 90-minute drive from the centre of the city, this is the perfect day trip. This cave is part of a much wider system of caves across the whole region.

“The actual cave (or the bit that the tourists see) is made up of three parts,” says  Discover Your Indonesia. “The first is a large huge sinkhole that was formed by the roof of the cave collapsing. The second part of the cave is a long tunnel and the final part is Goa Grubog, the central cave.”

Click the title to read more about their visit to the caves – it looks amazing! I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to do the abseiling, but the caves look really fun to explore.



Fancy a trip? 


To get there, you’ll have to fly to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and get a connecting AirAsia flight to Yogyakarta’s Adisucipto International Airport.


Where to stay 

The Queen of the South resort looks out right onto the beach, and you can upgrade to a sea-view room as well. It caters to both couples and families, offering people a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle. With an infinity pool and a short walk to the beach, it sounds like a great base to explore the region from. You can book your stay through Traveloka.com.



Would you like to visit? Where in the world is on your dream destination list?

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