First Disney vlog | Super-long travel day

I am beyond excited to edit these vlogs. While we were on holiday, it was easy to get into the swing of recording videos but every now and that it did feel like an effort. Now that I’m home, though, I’m so glad I vlogged the whole trip. Being able to look back on those days is invaluable.

Now it’s time to share the first of my holiday videos. As promised, I’ll include some behind-the-scenes info and photos here on my blog. Don’t forget to ask any questions in the comments, too. Enjoy!

Staying at Heathrow

Our night-before stay was a bit unusual. Our parents were both flying out to New York on the same morning as us, so we decided to all stay in the Sheraton Skyline hotel near Heathrow the night before. Not only would this mean that I didn’t have to make my way across London at 6am, I also got to see my mum and dad for a few hours before we went to different parts of America. They decided to drive down and their car parking was included with the one-night stay, which seems like a great deal.


The hotel was a bit tired, but it was more than enough for a quick night. Inside the hotel, the pool seemed to be more for show than for swimming. We went to their American themed restaurant for dinner that night and it was surprisingly tasty.

They have a hotel shuttle to the airport but it’s actually a lot faster an cheaper to catch a red Transport for London bus from across the road to Terminals 1, 2 and 3.


The Flights 

We decided to fly via Atlanta because it almost halved the cost of our flights. Rather than £900 each to fly direct, they only cost £500 each and it meant that we arrived in Atlanta around two hours later than we would have normally. Though this did give us the advantage of clearing immigration before we landed in Orlando. This meant that we could power-walk straight to pick up our bags when we got off our connection rather than waiting for hours in the soulless Orlando immigration hall. Overall, the journey did make us a lot more tired but I think it was worth it for the financial saving.

Waiting at the gate in London

Waiting at the gate in London


Finally arriving

We were truly impressed by Cabana Bay once we finally got there. I really think that photos don’t do it justice. The decoration is stunning and authentic. The colours are vibrant, the staff welcoming and friendly, and there’s so much to do. We regularly said that we could have easily stayed in the resort all day without venturing to any of the theme parks. With two huge pools – one with a great lazy river and the other with a thoroughly enjoyable slide – a food court, poolside bars, a stunning gym, large bowling alley, and lots of organised activities, it would be almost impossible to be bored.

In comparison to Disney, this is deluxe resort standard. Unfortunately for us, the price also reflects this.




That’s about it for today! Make sure you check back next weekend for day two where we go into Universal Studios before it’s even light. Heading into a deserted Harry Potter World: Diagon Alley was an amazing way to properly kick off the trip. See you then!

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